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Monster Goose Devours Shark, Film at 11: Red Wings 2 - Sharks 1

Jonas Gustavsson and Damien Brunner sparked the Wings to victory, proving Ken Holland knows more than you (for tonight)


I once went to an exhibit at a museum that was about sharks and it was really cool. I don't remember a lot of it because I was young, but I remember seeing something that said that you are more likely to be killed by falling airplane parts than eaten by a shark and I thought "that can't possibly be true". Of course, looking at the state of airlines today, maybe they were on to something back then.

The Wings went into San Jose, a place of literal torture for them the last few years, bound and determined to earn a better result than the night before in Los Angeles. The effort was very good for it being their second game in 24 hours, and "should-be-rookie-of-the-year-but-won't-be-because-of-a-dumbass-rule" Damien Brunner remained perfect in the shootout as the Wings beat the Sharks 2-1.

It's late, you're tired, I'm tired, let's not mess around and just get right to the bullets:

  • Remember that playoff series in 2011 between these two teams that was back and forth and had you on the edge of your seat for every minute of every game over the course of 2 weeks? Tonight was the unwanted illegitimate child of that series.
  • Ian White and Kent Huskins were healthy scratches and are former Sharks so I guess it's true when they say you can't go home again (I don't know it's late shut up).
  • So Jonas Gustavsson finally made his long-awaited "first start" for the Wings and didn't look bad in the first period, if you can call "having the puck hit you a bunch while looking behind you" meaning not looking bad. Then he did the same in the second but at that point I thought "maybe this is just his style and we should go with it?" The best part is that his winning the game made Leaf fans mad, so really this was just about the perfect night.
  • I'll admit that I enjoy the offensive gameplan of the Wings' 2nd line: get the puck, gain the zone, give it to Datsyuk, watch him do something pretty cool, forget to go to the front of the net, watch Niemi make an easy save on an unscreened point shot, go to the bench and rest up so you can do it all over again. It's brilliant in its efficiency.
  • I will never for the life of me understand how Antti Niemi can look like a Vezina winner against the Red Wings and vomited hot garbage against the rest of the league.
  • We miss you, Brad Stuart, but we don't miss you causing goals to be scored on your own team's net. Thank goodness that's San Jose's problem now.
  • If you're not ecstatic that Patrick Eaves has a goal, then you're a terrible person who probably kicks puppies. Jerk.
  • Ok, Johan Franzen, your two games grace period is up and now it's time to start looking like a legitimate top-line forward again.
I really don't have much else. It wasn't an entertaining game by any stretch, but 2 points are 2 points and we'll take them and get ready for the Blackhawks and #endthestreak or whatever bullshit hashtag people are doing. Personally, I'd love to be the team that ends their streak, but I'm just looking for a good effort against a great team.