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CSSI Analysis: Red Wings 2 - Blue Jackets 3 (SO)

Game 26 of 48


Blah blah blah I hate hockey.

CSSI Methodology Explanation here

Goalie Ratings

Jimmy Howard didn't lose this game for the Red Wings, but he lost the shootout and got outplayed by Sergei Bobrovsky in the head-to-head. The two goals that got by him were hard shots from in close and I think he did a good job controlling the puck and the play. Howard will get an even rating overall.

The Goals

2nd Period 03:10 - Columbus Goal: Derick Brassard (slap shot) from Fedor Tyutin and Cam Atkinson
After a PP expires (with enough time for Kronwall to get back into the play), Brassard gets a slapper off from the top of the circle that flies over a falling Quincey and over Jimmy's shoulder. I literally cannot tell if Quincey is trying to block this shot with his head or he just falls over. Either way, not blocking the shot is pretty much what causes this goal. Zetterberg, Cleary, Kronwall, and Ericsson will be cleared of minuses on this play. If Quincey was trying to block it, I think he deserves an extra minus, but I honestly can't tell whether that's the case here.

2nd Period 03:40 - Detroit Goal: Jakub Kindl (slap shot) from Pavel Datsyuk
30 seconds later, the Wings pull even on a cross-ice feed from Datsyuk to Kindl for a big shot through Bobrovsky. Datsyuk will get a bonus half-plus for a great job on intercepting the puck and pulling it off the boards to make room for the pass. Abdelkader will get a screener's assist as well.

2nd Period 04:25 - Columbus Goal: RJ Umberger (slap shot) Unassisted.
RJ Umberger gets a two-fer as he picks up a turnover and fires the puck on net, then takes advantage of what is essentially a 2nd turnover to fire it on net again; 2nd time's the charm as this one gets over the catching glove from the scoring box. Kronwall and Zetterberg are the two turnovers here and each will pick up a minus. Brunner and Cleary won't get minuses on this play. Ericsson will keep his minus. His pass to Kronwall isn't exactly a bad decision, but he had a better decision in a pass up ice to Brunner that he doesn't take. Kronwall has to make the play, but Ericsson put him in a position to fail and will keep the one minus for doing that.

3rd Period 00:25 - Detroit Goal (PP): Johan Franzen (wrist shot) from Damien Brunner and Henrik Zetterberg
The Wings capitalize on the 5-on-3 as Franzen gets the puck right in front and snaps it over the glove to tie it. Datsyuk will get the third assist for helping set up the play.

Shootout: Fuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuck

Penalty Adjustments (pluses and minuses only)

1st Period 17:44 - Jordin Tootoo (head check): Tootoo finishes high on a hit aimed at Fedor Tyutin. It's a reputation call, but Tootoo finishes high on his hit. Half-minus for Tootoo

2nd Period 01:01 - Niklas Kronwall (tripping): Kronner takes what might be a "good penalty" as Foligno gets a chance and Kronner jabs his skate out from under him. Still, it's going to earn Kronwall a minus. I'm going to give Franzen a half-minus as well though, as he gets bad position on Umberger which allows the pass to Foligno.
2nd Period 06:25 - Tim Erixson (interference): Tootoo gets a jump on his man and draws a call. Plus for Tootoo.
2nd Period 10:11 - Patrick Eaves (interference): It's easier for refs not to make soft calls on you if you don't do things to give them reasons for it. Eaves will get a half-minus.
2nd Period 19:36 - Ryan Johansen (slashing): Smith shows some fancy footwork to keep control of a loose puck and draws a slashing call on Johansen. Plus for Smith.
2nd Period 19:36 - RJ Umberger (delay of game - faceoff violation): This is a dumb penalty, but it's on the books and if somebody helps create it, he deserves credit. That's the case here, as Cleary ties up Umberger's stick and Tatar helps out to give the Jackets' forward all the more chance to forget the dumb rule and take a penalty. Plus to Cleary and half-plus to Tatar.

3rd Period 02:41 - Nick Drazenovic (hooking): Quincey will earn a half-plus for gaining body position on his man to help draw this call.
3rd Period 08:15 - Ian White (hooking): A lot of stickwork from White eventually gets him called. Minus for White.
3rd Period 13:34 - Tomas Tatar (tripping): Tatar gets his stick in Erixson's feet for an incredibly easy-to call penalty. Minus for Tatar.

Bonus Ratings

-1 to Jakub Kindl: Jakub really stood out for struggling with the puck among a team that as a whole struggled with the puck.
-1 to Henrik Zetterberg: Overskating the puck at your own blue line once is annoying. Doing it three times is unacceptably bad.
+1 to Cory Emmerton, +0.5 to Drew Miller: I think both did a very good job on penalty killing, considering how many penalties the Wings had to kill.

Honorable Mentions:

I miss top six scoring at even strength.

Season Totals Chart