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Blue Jacket Curse Continues: Detroit Red Wings 2 - Columbus Blue Jackets 3 (SO)

The Columbus Blue Jackets defeated the Detroit Red Wings 3-2 in a shootout.



As I looked at the schedule at the beginning of the season, I felt confident that we could easily get 10 points from the Blue Jackets.


But no, instead we end up with 2 mercy points from a pair of shootouts.

Here's your recap of today's game:

Columbus picked up in the first period exactly where they left off after yesterdays game. A pair of early chances by the Blue Jackets clearly showed that this wasn't going to be no cake walk for either team. Overall, the first period was fairly dull due to neither team being able to capitalize on their scoring chances.

However, the second period would be quite the opposite of the first period at least in terms of excitement. Just 3 minutes into the period, Derick Brassard gives Columbus the lead on a beautiful goal. 30 seconds later, Jakub Kindl would answer back with a beautiful shot of his own to tie the game up 1-1. The crazy period would become even crazier as just a minute later Columbus would retake their lead after R.J. Umberger scored.

Starting off the third period on a 5-on-3, the Wings would surely need to capitalize and they did just that as Johan Franzen scores to tie the game up at 2 a piece. Despite many chances by both sides, the score would remain 2-2 throughout the rest of the third period and an overtime would be needed to decide this game.

Overtime wouldn't yield any results so ultimately a shootout was needed to determine a winner. Datsyuk started the shootout off by giving the Wings the 1-0 lead. However, before they could blink, the Wings were down 2-1 after a pair of nice goals by Ryan Johansen and Matt Calvert. In the end, Henrik Zetterberg couldn't bury his shot and the Wings would have to settle for a point.

Here are some notes from today's game:

  • Jimmy Howard was back in the lineup and he made his presence known early on as he made a pair of key saves in the beginning of the first period.
  • I like what Babcock had to say in his pregame interview with FSD. The Wings need to be more aggressive on the PP if they want to score.
  • I missed the last five minutes of the first period due to technical difficulties with Center Ice, so forgive me if I missed to note something crucial.
  • Datsyuk missed the beginning of the second period. Guess the line to the bathroom was too long.
  • The Wings power play still looks very stagnant. I honestly can't wait until we get Fil and Bertuzzi back.
  • I know that it wasn't on the road, but does Franzen's PP goal count as a road PP goal because it was in the road jersey?
  • Good penalty killing by the Wings tonight.

Overall, the Wings played a good game. Lots of aggressive play and some good scoring chances. Jimmy played good, and so did most of the team. Sadly, the Wings just couldn't pull through in the shootout. I am happy for the fact that we got a point, but I would have much rather have had two.

Next game for the Wings is on Wednesday against the Calgary Flames in what will be the start of a western Canada road trip.

Lets Go Wings!