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Red Wings at Flames: Second Period Thread

I was a boy scout a very long time ago and I always enjoyed making fires (not in an "I want to burn the world" kind of way). I think my favourite way was to do the rub-two-sticks-together trick because it was so primal. Making fire literally with my bare hands made me feel like a man, and very few things have inspired that kind of feeling in me since then.

What also makes me feel like a man is hooting and hollering when the Red Wings score. I did that once in the first, but Calgary was able to capitalize on the power play (what's that like?) and get a lucky bounce to lead 2-1 after one period.

0-37 on the PP and I want to see it stretch all season just so people talk about us and not the Hawks' stupid streak. It's the second. Comes after the first.