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Datsyuk To The Rescue: Detroit Red Wings 3 - Edmonton Oilers 2 (OT)

The Wings defeat the Oilers 3-2 after being down 2-0 after two periods of play.



A great play by a great player is all I have to say. Now here is your recap:

Heading into the first period, one would believe that the Wings would be motivated and energized to put an end to this losing-streak and turn around their season. However, Taylor Hall quickly put a stop to that as he simply walked past the Wings defense to score and give the Oilers the 1-0 lead.

The Oilers fed off of their momentum in the second period to create quite a few chances. Had it not been for the "Hasekian" saves by Howard (thanks Mick) the Wings would have surely been down more than a goal. The Wings did improve a bit towards the middle of the period. A pair of power plays created some momentum and led to a couple of good scoring opportunities. However, just as it looked like the Wings were gaining their ground, Sam Ganger scored to extend Edmonton's lead.

In order for this to not be a complete disaster, the Wings had to respond in some form during the third period. Doing just that, Val Filppula scored to cut the Oilers lead in half. 10 minutes later, Nick Kronwall scored (with the help of Jeff Petry) to tie the game up.

The Wings managed to hold on and secure a point as they headed into overtime. With a little over a minute left in OT, Datsyuk skates up the ice, winds up, and shoots the puck past Devan Dubnyk to win the game for the Wings!

Here are some of my thoughts from tonight's game:

  • The refs sucked tonight. They were absolutely atrocious throughout the game.
  • Kronwall and Ericsson looked completely confused on the Hall goal. He just skated by them to pop it past Howard. Disgraceful.
  • Mike Brown and Jordin Tootoo went at it again tonight. Tootoo didn't get manhandled like last time and put up a good fight.
  • Pay Jimmy Howard whatever he wants, he deserves it. #PayDaMan
  • Pavel Datsyuk played fantastic tonight. He was always fighting and clawing for the puck.
  • Is it just me or should today's player of the game be Jeff Petry? In case you didn't know, Petry grew up in Ann Arbor as a Wings fan, good job Jeff!

I'm tired so let me just say this, the Wings struggled early on but they persevered through and thanks to the fantastic play of two of their biggest stars, they managed to get the 2 points that they deserved. It was nice to finally win again so we can all stop talking about how we should blow up the team.

Next up for the Wings is tomorrow night against the Vancouver Canucks.

Lets Go Wings!