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Nucks Misconducts Gameday Coverage & 3 Questions

We missed our opportunity to do 3 questions with Nucks Misconduct the last time these two teams met because it was a relatively early game. Today, we've got all night and Kent Basky was kind enough to stop by to introduce us to the fans who love our enemies. Head over to Nucks Misconduct for their take on tonight's matchup.

Check out Nucks Misconduct's gameday coverage here.

1. We saw the Canucks for what might have been their worst performance of the season. Can you tell us what the Canucks are really about this season?
We were hoping you might know, because it seems like no one has a clue what the hell is going on with this team at times. We've seen them look like world beaters one night (the recent game against LA for example, where they dominated the Kings) and then the next night laid a total stinker against the Flames. There's not really one problem, but a number of them. Injuries to key players, most notably Ryan Kesler haven't helped, especially with the team already thin down the middle. There's been some inconsistent play from guys on the blueline, Alexander Edler is a name that pops to mind. They (and if Zandberg asks, I disavow these comments and will state that I was in fact hacked) miss Aaron Rome. He's a better defenceman than people give him credit for, and had a steadying influence back there. There's been a lot of outrage over Jason Garrison's play, but I feel it's been unwarranted. Thrust into a different role than he had in Florida, learning new systems and a rotating set of partners saw some growing pains, but he's settled down into a solid pick up, especially now that AV is FINALLY using him on the power play. Finally, I think Cory Schneider's dipped a bit. He's had some games where he just didn't give them the big save they've needed. Luongo? Apart from that abomination of a game last time we met, he's been consistent. I wouldn't say Canucks fans should panic, but they're going to need to stop giving out points, and there will be trouble if they can't fix the PP.

2. What are you looking forward to with the new division setup?
A bit of a break on the travel side of things. I always felt it was ridiculous to be in a division where you were the only one in that time zone, especially with three other teams in the same zone in a separate division. Overall I like it, and I like all of them, to be honest. I think sending the Wings to the East is a great thing for the league, being able to renew those Original 6 rivalries. Always a good thing. Plus, you get more time in Florida. How can anyone be mad about that? Also, Panthers and Lightning fans need to shut up. They don't know bad travel, and they'd be a lot worse off without the Snowbirds that reside in their new division in the first place.

3. You can rename one team in your division, who do you change and what do you change it to?
What a great question! Before they moved, I would have said change the Wild to Mild (ba-dum-tish!) but after some consideration, I think there's only one real choice here, and that's to rename the Phoenix Coyotes. Let's call them the Seattle Metros. It has a nice ring to it, don't you think? [ed note: Hahaha. Well-played]