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I Want To Be A Millionaire, But Not The Vancouver Kind: Red Wings 5 - Canucks 2

13-5. That's the aggregate score in the season series between the Red Wings and Canucks.

You can't stop him. You can't even hope to contain him. Just don't poop your pants.
You can't stop him. You can't even hope to contain him. Just don't poop your pants.
Rich Lam

On the last episode of WIIM Radio, Jeff said there was "no way" the Red Wings were winning this game. Like with just about everything in life, Jeff was wrong.

Trying to build off a nice comeback last night against the Oilers, the Red Wings went into Vancouver and popped 5 more goals past Roberto Luongo and the Canucks, earning another 2 points and salvaging what was a disastrous start to this road trip.

It's late, I'm tired, you're tired, let's just do this and go home.

  • I watched the game on DVR so you can imagine my surprise when I was just cracking open my beverage only to hear that Vancouver scored. 6 seconds is a record for fastest goal at the start of the game by the Canucks, but thankfully it gave the Wings plenty of time to get the lead and blow it.
  • I don't know which is more disappointing: that the Canucks didn't do a "flying V" during the game or that no one made a joke about it.
  • I don't know if you watched NHL Tonight this morning, but Kevin Weekes said that Jimmy Howard is one of the most underrated goalies in the NHL, and in the first period he made 15 saves to keep the Wings in it as they got their legs under them. If you want evidence of how he's miles better than Jonas Gustavsson, just look at the first period tonight and how he not only made the easy saves but a few of the tougher ones.
  • Pavel Datsyuk is so bored with scoring goals like his OT winner that he's started banking them in off other players. For his next trick, he'll call it like in the old Gretzky commercials.
  • If Vancouver wanted to trade Roberto Luongo to Toronto for next year, that would be just fine with us.
  • I'm not sure what sort of rehab Valtteri Filppula went through while he was off, but it worked because he's been an absolute force since he came back. Points in 3 straight games is impressive, but he has re-energized the Zetterberg/Brunner pairing and allowed Johan Franzen to play with Datsyuk. I think we all understood that Flip was missed, but his return has been a far bigger boost to the team than even I expected.
  • I kind of coasted through the second half of the game because it was late, but I seriously don't recall hearing anyone's name on the Wings except Datsyuk and Zetterberg. They were that good tonight, and when those two are on, other teams are in trouble.
Consider where we were a few days ago: angry, disappointed, frustrated, filled with murderous rage. A couple of come-from-behind wins later and suddenly we're feeling a little bit better. Going 2-1 on a Western Canadian road trip is never a bad thing, so while the Calgary loss still stings a little, 4 points more than makes up for that debacle.