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Red Wings Afternoon Upates: Kyle Quincey Injury and Darren Helm Practice

Doug Pensinger

Couple of quick news bits from Twitter today

Well shit. Today was an "extremely optional" skate, according to Khan, with pretty much just the skating invalids taking to the ice. Helm was out there for about 10 minutes before he left. Earlier reports indicated there was a decent chance he'd be back in time for Wednesday's "Rivalry Night' game against the Wild, as Helm has missed all but one game this season with a small ligament tear in his back which took a long time to diagnose.

If Helm can't go, the Wings will ice the same 12 forwards who beat the Vancouver Millionaires 5-2 on Saturday.

(who's the jerkoff who favorited this?)

The "multiple fractures" part clarifies this pretty well, as a guy with a broken face can sometimes come back a little earlier if he wears a full face shield. Multiple fractures makes things like staring blankly at things hurt more than usual. Quincey took a puck to the face in last Friday's comeback victory in Edmonton.

With Quincey out, Ian White should be fairly well-settled into the Wings daily lineup at least until Carlo Colaiacovo (who skated today) comes back. Quincey's injury timing is a bit unfortunate, seeing as how he's not set to come back to the roster until after the trade deadline. If there are moves pending, Detroit will absolutely have to get Colaiacovo back shortly at least.

[Update: 4:50 PM]

Well there we go. Everything is fucked.