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Detroit Red Wings Gameday: Chicago Blackhawks at Detroit Red Wings

Early game on Sunday for Wings/Hawks as Detroit takes their second shot of the year at ending a ridiculously long Blackhawks streak. To introduce you to our enemies, we reached out to the blog that loves 'em, Second City Hockey. Greg Boysen was kind enough to answer some questions so we could get a feel as to what kind of crazy likes the Hawks.

Check out Second City Hockey's gameday coverage here.

1. Yeah yeah. Undefeated in regulation through almost half the season. Tell us something we don't know about the Hawks yet.
Hmmmm, something you don't know about the Hawks? Andrew Shaw is a master of the haiku, Corey Crawford is a world champion at cribbage, and new assistant coach Jaime Kompon won a Tony award in 1986 for his portrayal of Bustopher Jones in Cats.

2. Brandon Saad (pronounced like "sod" for all of our readers), is having a good season and has an inherently punnable name. What's your favorite nickname for him so far and what's your favorite thing about his development?
I am huge fan of mafia movies so the Saad Father has stuck with me. The comic book geeks seem to like to say "Kneel before Saad" after he scores. What I love about Saad the most is he is already doing all the little things that normally go unnoticed. His back checking has been great and he constantly uses his speed to draw penalties. The fact that he has been losing time on the first line to Dan Carcillo really upsets me. Saad is part of the long term future of this franchise, Carcillo is not. Sticking Saad on the 4th line with Brandon Bollig and Michael Frolik is just plain dumb. He has done nothing to be taken off the top with Jonathan Toews and Marian Hossa.

3. Losing the Red Wings rivalry to the proposed realignment and gaining an amalgam of nobodies in return probably makes this plan worst for the Hawks from a season-long grind of watching boring hockey perspective but should help in the near run as the Hawks' should have more games against cupcakes than anybody. What are your feelings about how this all worked out?
I loathe the realignment plan. Yes, the Blackhawks become the new Vancouver Canucks by benefiting from playing in the weakest division in hockey but I hate losing the rivalry with the Red Wings. It figures that the second the Wings start to decline after their amazing run over the last 20+ years they skip town for the Eastern Conference! I love the rivalry we have with Detroit because it is different than the rivalries with the Blues and Canucks. I can't stand a thing about those two franchises; from their management to their fans, but I respect the shit out the Detroit Red Wings. They are classy organization who should be the model all other teams use for long term success. With that being said, I hope the Wings get their asses handed to them for years to come in their new division because this is what they wanted.

Bonus Question: How much has Daniel Carcillo's new nickname caught on at SCH?
Gorilla Salad has not caught on too much on SCH, but I love it! Our friends over at Hockee Night are brilliant and they come up with something every year that seems to become a fixture among Hawks fans. People still Tweet about Stalberg Porn and Shaw Facts to this day. They are a great read, even for Wings fans, because their hatred for the Blues is downright admirable!


It really is funny that I can't hate the Hawks as much as I feel I should because the Blues are ten times worse.