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Battle of California's Gameday Coverage & 3 Questions

A game against a California team means a visit with Battle of California, the SB Nation blog dedicated to mashing all Californians together where they won't bother anybody else. It's a labor of love for those guys, who probably don't even realize that they're essentially de facto prison guards. To help give us a glimpse into how they live, we've got Jared Dobias and three questions.

Check out Battle of California's gameday coverage here

1. I fell asleep with the Blackhawks leading 2-1. What happened?
Basically the 'Hawks got hustled. Anaheim went out there all like "What is hockey? Can we play some with you? How about a friendly wager?" The Ducks let Chicago control the game for a bit, but after going down 2-1, they upped the stakes. "Wow, this game you're teaching us sure is super. Let's say we go double or nothing on that wager for the remainder of this game?" From there the Ducks showed Chicago why Anaheim is the second best team in the league right now and quickly closing the gap between them and the 'Hawks.

2. What's the plan for the Ducks going forward? Are Perry and Getzlaf going to have to play with the actual D-5 kids? That's a lot of money to lock up the team's two best players.
I'm starting to buy the argument that this is what contracts are going to look like going forward under the new CBA. There's less room for front loading and similar cap-circumvention gimmicks now, so contracts are going to be a little pricier to better reflect the true cost of the players. I think we're going to see a lot of teams in similar situations.

That's a lot for two players, but we still have plenty of space and options. We have 3 Finns that are going to have to retire eventually, and as much as Ducks fans hate to admit it, those retirements will happen sooner rather than later. We have two starting goaltenders on pretty decent sized contracts, I don't think it's too likely we hang on to them both for too long. We have a lot of other trade options. It won't be too difficult to sort out.

Anaheim has generally been a team that spends well below the cap. I like that apparently the owners are taking the increased revenue sharing money they are getting under the new CBA and using it to reinvest in the team and up their payroll, rather than pocketing it. Hopefully it pays off.

3. Which is more dangerous, a duck carrying a bag full of grenades or a shark with robotic legs and some sort of reverse-SCUBA setup?
What can a duck even do with a bag of grenades? It'll be way to heavy for him to fly around with in his bill, and how would he pull the pin anyway?

The shark scenario seems more frightening, but much less plausible. No one has as of yet been able to come up with a contraption or system, SCUBA or otherwise, that can prevent sharks from choking.