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Anaheim Calling's Gameday Coverage & 3 Questions

As we continue our season of reaching out to the bloggers who like the teams we don't, today we make another trip over to Anaheim Calling, the blog with Bob Murray's official barstool scar of approval. Jen Neale was kind enough to answer three questions for us today.

Check out Anaheim Calling's gameday coverage here

1. I fell asleep with the Blackhawks leading 2-1. What happened?
If I wasn't at the game, I probably would have turned the channel at that point because Chicago was dominating. However, everything changed in the third period and it started with a disallowed goal scored by Chicago's Brandon Bollig. He clearly kicked the puck into the net. That seemed to take everything out of Chicago. In the final 5:30, Ryan Getzlaf went into 'Hulkzlaf' mode and started beating on Kane and Toews. Getzy threw a shot at Corey Crawford and Bobby Ryan tapped in the rebound. A minute later, Hulkzlaf pounced on a Blackhawks turnover and got the puck to senior citizen Teemu Selanne who scored the eventual game winner.

Chicago, none too happy about the turn of events, went into cry baby mode. First Bollig high sticked Andrew Cogliano in the mouth. Cogs was down on the ice for a while. When he got up, he had blood all over his mouth and clearly missing several front teeth. The refs didn't call anything but Cogs didn't even miss a shift. After Sheldon Souray hit the empty-netter, Kane swung his stick like an axe and slashed Saku Koivu (who was making Kane look ridiculous in the final period). No call on the play. It was fine though. Kinda fun to see the once cocky and now disappointed Blackhawks fans leave the arena.

2. What's the plan for the Ducks going forward? Are Perry and Getzlaf going to have to play with the actual D-5 kids? That's a lot of money to lock up the team's two best players.
Do you know how good the D-5 team is?? They did win the Junior Goodwill Games against the hated Iceland team. We'd be lucky to have them.

As for Perry and Getzlaf, it is a lot of money but there has to be some cost-benefit analysis done. People come to see the Ducks because of Teemu Selane, Getzlaf, Perry and sometimes Bobby Ryan. If you take three of the four out of the situation, then what? Bad for the team, on and off the ice.

Pretty much the entire current roster is signed at the very least though next season. I give Selanne and Koivu one more year so they can have their full 'good-bye' tour around the league. Jonas Hiller will be dealt over the summer. The rest of the roster will be filled out by kids the Ducks drafted. I'd be worried if Randy Carlyle was still the coach because he doesn't play rookies. Bruce Boudreau is much better at developing younger players.

3. Which is more dangerous, a duck carrying a bag full of grenades or a shark with robotic legs and some sort of reverse-SCUBA setup?
Neither. Mutant salmon with lasers on their heads are more dangerous.