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Bring Back Larry Murphy!

Grumblings about this started as early as last week in our comments, as news that Larry Murphy had been fired from Fox Sports Detroit. Now Ansar Khan from MLive has the story:

Larry Murphy shocked, disappointed after being fired as Red Wings' analyst for Fox Sports Detroit

Murphy was informed last week by Greg Hammaren, senior vice president and general manager of FSD, that his services were no longer required. Murphy had worked for the station in some capacity since 2002-03.

"I was shocked, didn't see it coming,'' Murphy told "They said they just needed a change, ratings weren't what they were. That was basically it (for an explanation).

"I'm still trying to figure it out.''

Listen, as fans, we made a lot of jokes at Murph's expense. The glasses he donned this year were just the most-recent easy joke target. Chief over at A2Y used to start off just about every liveblog over there with a crack about Murph.

We made fun because we loved.

FSD Broadcasts were better because of Larry Murphy. Despite being a little goofy, Murph knows what he's talking about. Sure his jokes are corny and the degree to which he loves dollar hot dogs is perhaps unsettling, but Larry Murphy did everything that a television analyst needs to do: he provided insight and levity. Most importantly, he made the broadcasts more fun.

Fox Sports Detroit made a mistake in firing Larry Murphy.

Here's a link to a petition you can sign.