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Bring Back Murph: Fox Sports Detroit Doesn't Explain, Won't

Justin K. Aller

As a follow-up to yesterday's news about Larry Murphy's firing, Fox Sports Detroit has released a statement, as reported by MLive's Ansar Khan:

"We wanted our primary team of Mickey Redmond and Ken Daniels to call the remaining games as the Red Wings make a push for the playoffs. We thought it was only fair to let Larry know as soon as possible that he would not be scheduled for any more assignments. We thank Larry for his contributions to our telecasts over the years and we wish him well."

In the world of logic, this is what's called begging the question. Fox Sports answers demands for an explanation about Larry Murphy's firing with a statement which really only leads to asking why all over again.

Sure, they want Redmond and Daniels calling the remaining games. I can buy that. But why? This makes as much sense as the "ratings" excuse that Murphy himself said he was given. Larry Murphy often worked in the studio or between the benches to accompany Redmond and Daniels, so keeping him around wasn't exactly going to stand in the way of having them call games.

If it's a budgetary consideration, then that's at least a reason... but Fox Sports Detroit didn't tell us that the Murph budget for the next eight weeks got cut; they told us that Murph is fired and then gave us a half-reasoning.

They also said that there will be no further statement on the matter. Very fishy.