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Greg vs. The World: 2nd Period Thread


So Graham wrote this morning about how the Wings very much need to get Danny DeKeyser to sign because failing to do so would represent a failure by the Red Wings' organization to land a guy who they very much should sign and who has a ton of reasons to sign with them. In short, The Red Wings could use a defensive prospect like him and they have space to give a bit if the kid wants to demand NHL minutes right off the bat.

What's more, DeKeyser is a local kid who grew up rooting for the Wings. He's also got personal ties to the organization through Jim Nill and Jeff Blashill.

The Wings missed out on Justin Schultz last summer because their plan was to pursue enough defensive depth to make it so that they couldn't promise Schultz the ice time that the Oilers could. Schultz took the immediate gratification and he's having a decent season in Edmonton. The Wings' plan for defensive depth hit a snag and they ended up at one point having to sign Kent Huskins just to have six D-Men. They have a decent corps of defense right now, but not one that is so well-built or permanent that they can't give DeKeyser playing time.

Unfortunately, newcomer GallopingGreg kind of missed all that and jumped straight to lambasting Graham for a "ridiculous analysis" which was also "sophomoric." We've been having fun with that all day.

So much fun that we wanted to post a carry-over thread where we could continue the jokes. Congrats, Greg. You're famous!