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West Coast Finale: Sharks 2 - Red Wings 0


Entering the game the Red Wings had never swept a 4-game Western road trip. After the game the Red Wings have still never swept a 4-game road trip. Truthfully, I'm not shocked they lost. I'm not even really mad. I thought 4 out of 8 points on the road trip would have been great. Detroit already had 6 entering the game. Obviously, I'm not happy they lost, but whatever. I'm just annoyed. I don't like losing to the Sharks. It's late. Let's get to the bullets.

  • Pavel Datsyuk deked the horse teeth out of Logan Couture's mouth. Make sure to watch the .gif of that play over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again. I hope Couture's recovery from his broken ankles doesn't take too long.
  • Datsyuk_couture_medium
  • Joe Pavelski had an interesting period. At one point he had a 2-on-1 with Ryane Clowe and decided to pass the puck to the guy that doesn't have a goal this season (and is coveted by Bruins fans because they need scoring on their third line. Wait what?). Later in the period he attempted to pass the puck from behind the net to his defenseman at the blue line and it bounced off Niklas Kronwall and into the net. I don't know. The lesson here is pretty much that Clowe sucks.
  • IknowyouthinkBrendanSmithtalksreallyfastbutwhocaresdontbemean.
  • I half expected Darren "Boring" Elliot to have thick glasses on during the intermissions tonight.
  • Nothing really happened in the second period. Damien Brunner had a few nice chances. Pretty sure that since he scored his 10th goal and I bragged about boldly predicting he would lead the Red Wings in goals this season he's done nothing of noteworthiness on the scoresheet. He does seem like he's a goal away from getting hot again and going on another streak.
  • Johan Franzen apparently tripped over Trevor Thompson while walking to the dressing room after the 2nd period. He tweaked his lower body. It's clearly the Curse of Larry Murphy.
  • The Sharks 2nd goal was a nice roofer by Brent Burns after a turnover by Brian Lashoff. On the replay I noticed that it was Lashoff, Brendan Smith and Joakim Andersson on the ice directly leading to the goal. This is part of the pains of playing the kids. They need to be out there and they need the experience, but every now and then shit happens and the other team is going to score because of them.
  • With 9:16 remaining in the 3rd period, the first penalty in the game was called. It didn't really matter. The Wings could get much going. Henrik Zetterberg had a nice chance in front as the man advantage, but Antti Niemi was there as usual.
  • Some nights I'm absolutely positive that Ken Holland needs to re-sign Valtteri Filppula. Other nights, like tonight, I'm just like meh whatever. They can find someone else to skate really fast into the offensive zone and pull up.
  • The Red Wings lost this game and didn't play all that well. I can now say I know what it's like to be Tyler. Recaps when losing blow. Hopefully the Red Wings sign Danny DeKeyser before noon tomorrow and then we can just forget about this game.