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Second City Hockey's Gameday Coverage & 3 Questions

Check out Second City Hockey's gameday coverage here.

1. Chicago has gone 5-5 in their last ten. Please tell me that there's a good number of idiot Chicago fans talking seriously about the sky falling. Wait... that's not a question. Let's try this instead: How's the Hawks' fanbase handling actual losing, despite still having the highest points-earned percentage in the league?
For the most part Hawks fans realize that teams don't win every regular season game. Although you still get the small percentage of meatballs that want to trade everyone after a loss. The fan base realizes what the big picture is, get everyone healthy for a deep playoff run. There has been no outcry to rush Hossa or Sharp back. Giant expectations have come with the historical start to the season and Hawks fans are getting ready for hopefully a long run in the postseason.

2. The Bulls broke the Heat's streak and opening day is coming. How far back have the Hawks been buried in the papers lately?
The Hawks are still one of the top stories in Chicago. The Bulls are mediocre and most of the city is sick and tired of hearing about Derrick Rose and whether he is going shit or get off the pot. Trust me, the two craptacular baseball teams in this town will not steal the Hawks thunder after opening day.

3. Trade deadline day will be here soon. What do you see the Hawks doing at the deadline? Anybody in particular they're targeting or that you'd like them to target?
The Hawks biggest need is 2nd line center. Dave Bolland has been terrible this year and needs to go back to where he excels, the 3rd line. He has been Patrick Kane's center all season long and only has 12 points and he can't win a faceoff to save his life right now. The problem is there are not many 2nd line centers out there and those who are will be very expensive. I would think Mike Ribeiro would look pretty damn sexy in between Kane and Sharp. He might be a bit too expensive, so Derrick Roy could be another option. It will be interesting to see what Stan Bowman does. He does have a ton of prospects and his under the cap, but he is very conscious about the future. The last thing he wants to do is recreate the salary cap hell that caused Bowman to break up the 2010 Cup team.


Oh man, Mike Ribeiro as a Blackhawk... the douche-shudders are paralyzing.