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CSSI Analysis: Red Wings 1 - Blackhawks 7

Game 35 of 48



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Goalie Ratings

Jimmy Howard gave up 4 goals and did not look good. -1 head-to-head and -1 overall. The team in front of him sucked more than he did, but he wasn't good either. Gustavsson won't be considered in the head-to-head, but he gave up his first bad goal eight seconds into his stint in the net and then gave up two more softies. -2 overall for the Monster.

The Goals

1st Period 02:33 - Chicago Goal: Jeremy Morin (wrist shot) unassisted
A weird bounce creates a scramble out front where Howard tires to clear a puck to the boards instead of freezing it. Kronwall's skate knocks the puck down and Morin puts it in. The decision by Howard to try to clear the puck instead of freezing it is a bad decision and will make this a bad goal. This will clear minuses for Eaves, Tootoo, Emmerton, Kronwall, and Ericsson. Kronwall will earn his minus back on the coverage mistake on Morin. Emmerton will get his back for a turnover that leads the puck back into the Wings' zone. Ericsson will earn his back for his inability to get to a pass which helps Chicago keep possession. Kronwall will also get another half-minus for letting Kruger through very easily on the boards at the start of this dump-in.

1st Period 03:21 - Chicago Goal: Brandon Saad (wrist shot) from Michael Frolik and Jonathan Toews
The Hawks get one on a rush as Frolik finds Saad wide open. Saad finishes it off for what would be the game-winner. Ericsson and Cleary pull extra minuses for the screw up here as neither blocks the lane to Saad or gets on Saad himself. This is a harmless play that leads to a goal because of stupid positioning. Kronwall, Abdelkader, and Datsyuk will be cleared of minuses.

1st Period 04:12 - Chicago Goal: David Bolland (Kindl puppeteering) unassisted
Kindl wants to get in on the scoring and he does so by backhanding it into his own net. Kindl's going to get two minuses. This is monumentally dumb and I don't think Hayes' stick makes much of a difference. Filppula is going to get a minus-and-a-half's worth of bad coverage here. He gets walked by Kane coming into the zone and then he takes a shitty angle on Bolland behind the net. Ericsson will only get a half-minus. He's generally in good position and playing the body, but the play comes through him too many times here to completely clear him. Cleary and Samuelsson will be cleared.

2nd Period 03:52 - Chicago Goal: Jonathan Toews (snap shot) from Brandon Saad
Tootoo turns the puck over inside the Hawks' blue line and the Hawks go the other way. Toews gets this shot off the Saad pass because he interferes with Tootoo to make space. It's a bit shitty that they didn't call this, but Tootoo can play this better. He could start by not earning a minus for turning the puck over and then could tie up his man's stick to avoid another half-minus. Eaves, Kronwall, & Emmerton will be cleared of their minuses.

2nd Period 04:00 - Chicago Goal: Brandon Saad from Niklas Hjalmarsson and Jonathan Toews
Oh man this one is dumb. Eight seconds later and the Hawks are up 5-0. Toews wins a faceoff, Hjalmarsson has a pass blocked by Abdelkader,and unfortunately, Saad is the first one to it behind Lashoff. Saad jams it through Gustavsson for the goal. This is a bad goal for Gustavsson. He absolutely has to have the five-hole shut down there. Datsyuk, Franzen, Abdelkader, Lashoff, and Smith will have minuses cleared. Lashoff will earn his back for letting Saad behind him like this.

3rd Period 07:55 - Chicago Goal: David Bolland (snap shot) from Jimmy Hayes and Michal Rozsival
Bolland snaps it short side on Gustavsson for another bad goal. Minuses cleared for Smith, Eaves, Miller, Lashoff, and Andersson. Despite this, Bolland is firing from the top corner of the scoring box on a shot he shouldn't have this much room to make. Eaves earns his minus back for letting Bolland have the wing behind him like this. Lashoff will earn back a half-minus for loping a little getting over to Bolland.

3rd Period 16:21 - Chicago Goal: Nick Leddy (snap shot) unassisted
To make up for the short-side bad goal, Gustavsson allows a bad goal to beat him on the other side. Minuses automatically cleared for Cleary, Brunner, Filppula, Ericsson, and Kronwall. Minuses are going to come back on for both Ericsson (-1.5) and Filppula (-1). There's a bad miscommunication between the two as to who should be taking Leddy and who should be worrying about the late-man driving the middle of the ice. Ericsson directs Filppula to take Leddy, which is the wrong call. Riggy should pick Leddy up as soon as he crosses the blue line to let Flip worry about the pass to Carcillo.

3rd Period 19: 27 - Detroit Goal: Cory Emmerton (snap shot) from Brian Lashoff and Brendan Smith
Hahaha whatever. Emmerton self-assist. Abdelkader non-touch assist. Tootoo third assist.

Penalty Adjustments (pluses and minuses only)


Bonus Ratings


Honorable Mentions:

Goaltending kind of let Detroit down in this one, but things worked pretty well as far as the goals telling the story. Not a lot gets left out when you allow seven.

Season Totals Chart