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Mile High Hockey's Gameday Coverage & 3 Questions

Our season series continues as we get to know the bloggers who cheer for the teams we don't. Today we've got David Driscoll-Carignan to introduce us to the Colorado Avalanche and the SB Nation blog that loves them, Mile High Hockey. You can head over to MHH for their take on today's matchup. Remember as always that their territory means their community guidelines.

Check out Mile High Hockey's gameday coverage here.

1. Perhaps the biggest story surrounding the Avalanche so far has been the Ryan O'Reilly saga. Fortunately it ended and the entirety of the NHL is better with a player of his caliber back and playing. Can you tell us how that saga affected things for Avs fans for these last 8 weeks?
I don't think it was as big a deal as it could have been. O'Reilly is a good player, but the Avs have two pretty good centers who can do what he does. So, while it sucked not to have him signed, the impact on the ice wasn't as pronounced as it could have been. I do think a lot of fans are bitter towards him now, which is sad considering how much of a fan favorite he was before the mess. But if / when he starts playing well, most of that bitterness will be swept under the rug. If he struggles, though...

2. We got to ask this a lot early, but haven't had a chance to have our first meeting of the season with a team in a while. What are expectations like on the Avs for this season?
Honestly, pretty much the same as it's been for the last few years now: Hope that the young guys get a little better and try to get a little run going to eke into a playoff berth.

3. What's the dumbest thing about the NHL?
Man, so many things here. Do I pick three lockouts in 20 years? Or the shootout and the incredibly stupid loser point? Or Pierre McGuire, perhaps? All popular answers, but I'm going to go with ticket prices. I love hockey, but I'm not paying $200 to take my family to a game. Ticket prices are dumb.


You know, it's hard to keep a good hate-on when the answers are this agreeable. Thanks, David!