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Totally Blue It: Blue Jackets 3 - Red Wings 0

The Red Wings were awful, and deserved to lose.

Might as well have napped while you're down there
Might as well have napped while you're down there
Kirk Irwin

I've only been to Ohio one time in my life. I used to drive a truck for a moving company, and I had to go down to Troy, OH for a very small move and deliver a few items. It was a 10-hour drive by myself in a truck with no radio. About an hour outside of Columbus I began to get thirsty, and I pulled off the highway and managed to find a Tim Horton's. It was the only redeeming thing about a very long and tedious trip.

And yet that was more entertaining than today's game. The Red Wings, fresh off a 7 game stretch where they had gone 5-1-1 since last playing these Blue Jackets, saved us all the embarrassment of blowing a lead to Columbus by just playing terribly from the opening faceoff. They did absolutely nothing right in their worst performance since opening night, and it resulted in a deserved

The Wings didn't show much heart or intensity in this one, but the fans sure get fired up after a loss.

  • I still can't believe that the Wings haven't been able to even accidentally score a road PP goal. Like, a bad bounce or an opponent putting a puck in their own net or an earthquake tilting the ice or something.
  • Proof that giveaways are a stupid stat: Niklas Kronwall was not credited with an official giveaway on the first goal. Go watch that replay, and tell me what you'd call it. If there were a stat for "boneheaded fuck ups" than he'd have one after that.
  • I feel very comfortable in saying that was the Wings' worst effort since the season opener against the Blues. They did nothing right in any facet of the game, and if they miss the playoffs by a few points, I want them to take a good hard look at how they played today against a very beatable team and realize that's where it went wrong.
  • Today was the game of dead horses. Allow me to list out each and every one that was beaten by the end of the game:
  • Justin Abdelkader is terrible and doesn't belong in the top-6
  • Kyle Quincey is terrible as a defenseman, but specifically because he couldn't take a pass off the back of his skate.
  • Johan Franzen is lazy because he didn't score a goal.
  • Mike Babcock should do something about the lines to shake things up.
  • The third line should play more in the third period.
  • Did I miss any?
  • Hey, Vinny, we'll just leave this here:

Overall that was a highly disappointing performance against a bad team that was missing a lot of their better players. The Red Wings won't have time to think about it because they're right back tomorrow against these same Jackets at the Joe. It's the first time 12 years the BJs have won a season series against the Wings, so congrats to them. Too bad it will never happen again.