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Quick Hits: Bryz Sleeping, #JimmyForVezina?

I mean he's a long shot but he's got a chance.

Jeff Gross

Red Wings News

Red Wings' Valtteri Filppula hopes move to center will result in an offensive boost for team, himself |
Really? 'Cause last time I checked, Filppula's most productive year was when he played winger...

Detroit Red Wings coach Mike Babcock: 'We're not going away' - Over the Boards
We're still here.

Red Wings' Mike Babcock: Darren Helm likely done for season | Detroit Free Press
It sucks but I have been pleasantly surprised by the play of Emmerton and Andersson this season which has made the situation a bit better.

Smith learns hard lesson - Detroit Red Wings

I didn't realize that he has no goals this season, I was hoping him to have some.

Red Wings’ Brendan Smith benched - The Macomb Daily

Lets be honest, he wasn't playing that good.

PAT CAPUTO: Will Red Wings make the playoffs? - The Macomb Daily

The three certainties in life are: Death, taxes and the Red Wings making the playoffs.

Red Wings in unfamiliar territory, battling to hang onto the eighth seed and extend postseason streak |

They'll make it.

NHL News

Bryzzzzz: Was Ilya Bryzgalov benched for falling asleep in Flyers team meeting? | Puck Daddy - Yahoo! Sports
I guess trading for Steve Mason wasn't so dumb after all.

Report: More Olympics meetings Friday | ProHockeyTalk
Still no agreement to send NHLers to Sochi.

Flyers goaltender Ilya Bryzgalov not concerned with potential buyout -
I think he wants to be bought out. So he can head back to Phoenix where no one cares how he plays.

Habs re-sign G Budaj: Two years, $2.8 million | ProHockeyTalk
Montreal inks Carey Price's trusty backup.

NHL playoff picture: Devils, Rangers fighting for postseason lives -

I really hope that the Rangers don't make it.

As short season winds to a close, NHL's quirky playoff system once again in spotlight - The Hockey News
I understand why the NHL values division winners but this issue disappears next year so nothing we can really do now.

No obvious choice for Vezina | ProHockeyTalk
#JimmyForVezina #JimmahForEverything

Report: Multiple players confirm Bryz closed his eyes during team meeting | ProHockeyTalk
Bryz is one weird dude.

Latvian hockey players make massive investment in earthworm breeding program | Puck Daddy - Yahoo! Sports
Worm Breeding... Interesting...

Milbury: ‘I’ve never been against Ovechkin’ | ProHockeyTalk

Yeah he has. He's just changing his mind because Ovi is scoring goals again.

Stars recall G Cristopher Nilstorp from AHL after latest lower-body injury to Kari Lehtonen - The Hockey News
If Lehtonen is out I think we can all count Dallas out of the playoff race.

Evgeni Nabokov, unlikely hero of the playoff contending Islanders | Puck Daddy - Yahoo! Sports
And it seems like it was just yesterday that he wanted out.

Question Of The Day:

I fully believe that Darren Helm will play again. But I am starting to have my doubts on if he can return to his previous form.

Could I be going a little overboard here is it possible that this "injury" will linger on and we will never see the old Helm again?

Lets Go Wings!