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Battle of California's Gameday Coverage & 3 Questions

Another "last game as your conference rivals" kind of meeting. I asked BoC's Megalodon a set of questions unrelated to his purse and he answered them. This is how these things work. They've worked pretty well with Battle of California this year and if you're not already reading them, then you need to fix yourself.

Check out Battle of California's gameday coverage here.

1. What's been your favorite story of the year about the Sharks?
The insane success of moving Brent Burns to forward, which has quickly gone from "a desperate ploy that shows the team is grasping at straws" to "a genius move that turned the entire season around." Since moving Burns to forward, the Sharks have been significantly better both at winning games and in terms of advanced stats, and the team would be wise to consider it a long-term option.

2. As the boss at BoC, if you had to fire either Jer or Dunn, which one would you let go and why?
I would fire Jer because he's better and I don't like the competition. Then I could hire incoherent blog reader Spade and have two gibbering idiots writing about the other California teams, and my stuff would look even more incredible than it already does.

3. Between Raffi Torres and the noted dirty player Marc-Edouard Vlasic, how do you rectify your love of the Sharks with human decency? Does it keep you up at night?
What, you don't like Torres? Are you a racist? You make me sick.

And until someone can prove that human decency has a significant correlation to winning hockey games, I don't give a shit.

I do have trouble sleeping at night, but that's because of all the cocaine.


[ed note: Raffi Torres is not a race, he's a species]