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Second City Hockey's Gameday Coverage

A little while back, I dropped the ball on getting questions out to our Avs friends and had to scramble to make up stuff to put in the post linking over. Well, I've done it again. Second City Hockey is your SB Nation Blackhawks blog and honestly, after the Sharks game ended, I wanted to forget about hockey for a little bit, so I didn't send out questions. To make up for it, here are three made-up questions with convenient answers.

Check out Second City Hockey's gameday coverage here.

1. Hey is there a goalie controversy in Chicago?

Corey Crawford was not allowed to develop through the Hawks system and signed to a 3 year deal to watch the playoffs from the bench

Oh, I see you tackled this in-depth.

2. The Red Wings have some fans in Chicago. Do you guys ever get together to play inline hockey?

SCH Inline Hockey Club Game is scheduled for 04/14/13

Start time: 10:00 a.m.

Required equipment: Inline skates, hockey stick, hockey gloves, skill optional

Location: Pine Park rink in Hoffman Estates (just north of route 62)

Well I can't see anything in this article that says Wings fans aren't welcome to come along. I'm guessing they probably shouldn't be dicks about it if they do though, right?

3. Remember when you interviewed Jeremy Roenick?

Of course you do.