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Detroit Red Wings at Calgary Flames Recap/Highlights

This was the dumbest fucking game of the season, as the Wings had two days off to prepare for a game against Calgary that they would have two days to recover from and they couldn't be fucking bothered to focus for a full 60 minutes, losing 3-2 thanks to two completely shitty goals.

Joakim Andersson and Gustav Nyquist are safe here. They were incredible in this game and don't deserve the criticism that the entire team deserves.

  • You give up a fluky bullshit goal to give Calgary the lead and you score one to get your second. As far as bullshit fluky goals, this game was even. This isn't a luck thing. This is a case of the team not taking advantage of the power plays they were given and missing the net.
  • Jimmy Howard has earned a lot of protection from criticism and there's plenty to extenuate what happened on Calgary's game-winner, but the bottom line is that he was focused more on how mad he was at Kyle Quincey and how much a victim that made him to bother paying attention to the puck entering the trapezoid and getting through his stick. He compounded that by refusing to step into Steve Begin's path to interfere with the guy. As far as I'm concerned, Jimmy Howard got mad at two guys and handed the Flames a goal because of it. I hope he's embarrassed.
  • Every time Pavel Datsyuk doesn't own a game going a hundred miles an hour on every shift, I worry he's hurt. This game he didn't own the game going a hundred miles an hour on every shift.
  • The Wings still have a serious problem with letting pucks come to them. This brings defenders to them at nearly the same pace as the puck. Perhaps it's because not enough of the Wings do this, but I'm not sure they realize how rarely it works that letting the puck get to you a split second before the defender does ends up with the player cleverly poking it past the pressure and finding an unobstructed lane to the scoring areas. Mostly, it just gets guys tied up and it makes them have to reset the entire unit in order to regain a semblance of control while trying to prevent odd-man rushes.
  • Try one: skate to the middle and just lose the puck to a sweep check. Skate back to recover possession. Try two: skate to the middle and get a shot off that just misses wide or is stopped. Skate back to recover possession. Tries three-infinity: keep the puck on the outside where nobody bothers you. Look for magical rainbow lanes through multiple defenders to a guy who may or may not be going to the back door and may or may not have his stick on the ice when he gets there. Skate back to recover possession.
  • I tweeted during the first intermission a question about how quickly Mike Babcock would go to the line blender. It took less than five minutes into the period. If the Wings are generally predictable enough for a guy who makes poop jokes on Twitter to pick up on, then they're definitely predictable enough for NHL teams to figure out what they're always going to do.
  • I might be giving the Flames too much credit here.
  • Do you think it's accidental that most of the time the Wings are trying to establish a cycle in the offensive zone that the puck tends to find its way to the right side of the ice (as the Wings face), considering that it makes it that much harder for the left-shot-heavy Detroit defensive corps to keep in pucks that are jammed to the point from half-board battles?
  • The Wings still technically control their destiny. They can't afford to lose another game and continue to do so until both Columbus and Dallas lose again.