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Wings vs Kings Game Day Updates

Who's in, who's out, who's up, who's down, and who's playing with who.

Don't make Riggy mad... You won't like him when he's angry.
Don't make Riggy mad... You won't like him when he's angry.
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The Dirt

Bertuzzi won't play tonight, but says he'll play tomorrow, he just needed one more hard skate (giggidy) before returning for his first game since February 7th. This statement probably doesn't have a lot of effect on those of you reading it now, but if you were on Twitter this morning, there was a roller coaster emotional ride that went along with the story. Allow me to take you through my experience.

*log on to twitter*: "Bertuzzi most likely playing tonight"

All signs pointing to Bertuzzi being in the lineup tonight

90% chance of Bertuzzi tonight

Another indication Bertuzzi will play tonight, he's wearing white, so will most likely start out in the bottom 6

Bertuzzi looking good out there on the ice

Tootoo is still on the ice (last one) so looks like he'll sit for Bert tonight

Me: WOOOOO!!! Happy dance, celebratory actions, whoops, yells and gestures. It's really about to happen isn't it? Insert ecstatic gif's here

20 minutes later:

No Bertuzzi tonight says Babcock

Babcock says Bertuzzi not playing tonight

Bertuzzi out tonight

No Bertuzzi tonight

Babcock says no Bertuzzi tonight against Kings

Wings go with same lineup as Monday, no Bertuzzi tonight

Babcock said Bert not in tonight and he didn't sound happy about it

*oh fuuuuu (@#&*(&*(!$&!_!#*(>?:}{?">:}{>*&^@#^&%!@* *smashes everything before crumpling on the floor sobbing*

Honestly, if you're not on Twitter to follow these things as they happen real-time, you're really missing out.

Bert says he'll play tomorrow night against Nashville, but I'm scared to get my hopes up again. Bertuzzi said he needed one more skate/practice to make sure he's ready. I appreciate that he's not just trying to get back as quickly as possible and just get in the lineup, but is thinking not only of his health, but what's best for the team. He said last week that he wants to make sure he's more than ready and will be a benefit, not a "hitch" to the team. After the morning skate today he said:

Like I said before, I can't come in and not be ready to play a full 60 and help out and contribute and be good down low, and finish my checks and all that."..."I play for these guys, I play hard for these guys, and I'll stick up for them and do what I can for this group. It's a great group, they've been giving it their all, so I just want to get in there and tow the rope with them and take care of this task ahead of us. "... "I'm ready to go tomorrow. I really wanted to play today, but I needed to skate hard, I needed to do one-on-one drills with the defensemen, I need to get pushing and shoving down low, I need to take a cross check in the back and be able to spin off, I need to be able to stop and start..."..."The last thing I want to do is have a fresh guy out, come in and play one period because something didn't go right. The team's bigger than the individual and you've got to approach it that way."

Babcock didn't sound happy about Bert not playing tonight, but made it clear that it was Bert's decision and not his. Bertuzzi benched himself tonight, despite the fact that he desperately wants to play, because it's in the best interest of the team. If Bert does play tomorrow night, it will be because he's ready and can make the team better, not because he wants to play at any cost. I give him full credit for this, and his attitude and priorities are in the right place. When Bert does come back, it sounds like the plan is to start him out in the bottom 6 to ease him back in and see how things go. How long that lasts is anyone's guess.

Speaking of correct priorities, Mikael Samuelsson practiced today and has been cleared to return to the lineup. However Babcock is NOT playing him tonight, and he made it clear that this was his decision. After being injured most of the season, Sammy is cleared to play, we only have 12 healthy forwards on the roster, and Babock STILL made him a healthy scratch, and didn't talk like he expected to play Samuelsson before the end of the regular season on Saturday.

Bertuzzi benched himself tonight in the best interest of the team, and Babcock benched a healthy Samuelsson tonight, also in the best interest of the team.

Drew Miller won't need surgery for his broken right hand, but he will be out at least 4-6 week, which would be until the late 2nd round of the playoffs at the earliest.

There's no indication if White was ever found after being "missing" the other day, but he'll be a healthy scratch again, and the lineup will be the same as Monday against Phoenix.

Fun Fact:

Red Wing Man Games Lost: 235 Kings: 53. No, that's not a typo, the LA Kings have only lost 53 man games to injury.



Justin Abdelkader

Pavel Datsyuk

Johan Franzen

Valtteri Filppula

Henrik Zetterberg

Daniel Cleary

Gustav Nyquist

Joakim Andersson

Damien Brunner

Patrick Eaves

Cory Emmerton

Jordin Tootoo


Niklas Kronwall

Jonathan Ericsson

Kyle Quincey

Brendan Smith

Jakub Kindl

Danny DeKeyser


Jimmy Howard

Jonas Gustavsson

Healthy Scratches

Carlo Colaiacovo

Brian Lashoff

Ian White


Todd Bertuzzi (Back)

Darren Helm (Back)

Drew Miller (Broken Right Hand)

Mikael Samuelsson (Torn Pectoral Muscle)