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Feed The Mule: Red Wings 3 - Kings 1

The Detroit Red Wings defeat the Los Angeles Kings with a score of 3-1

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

To whom much is given, much is expected.

Throughout their history, the Wings have been given a lot. From the likes of Howe and Sawchuk to Yzerman, Datsyuk and Lidstrom. With this expectations have emerged. Expectations to win the cup every year.

This year was different. We were given less. The expectations were lower. But today none of that mattered. Today we saw Red Wings hockey. Something that has been a rarity in recent times. Today we saw a great team that was clicking on all cylinders and I loved it.

Datsyuk was amazing. Franzen was amazing. The Goose was amazing. Eaves was amazing. Everyone was amazing.

They won. And they did so soundly. The Wings dominated the Kings. They were aggressive, they were desperate, they were great, and they were the Red Wings.

Despite their dominance, the Wings didn't strike first. Kyle Clifford gave the Kings the lead 5 minutes into the 2nd period. Moments later, Pavel Datsyuk tied it up for the Wings.

Fast forward to the third period. Patrick Eaves makes a pair of great plays and ultimately gets the puck in the back of the net (via Tootoo or Emmerton). Despite their lead, the Wings realized that they needed an icing on the cake. This icing would be some high-quality Mule icing (yuk!) as Johan Franzen extended the Wings lead on a power play.

This quite honestly was the best hockey game I have watched in a while. All 4 lines were clicking but the most impressive was the Goose-Andersson-Brunner line. Tonight, Gustav Nyquist may have become my new favorite Red Wing.

But none of this happens without the superb play of Jimmy Howard. He made some key saves that kept us in the game early and helped shut the door later.

With the win, the Wings officially surpass the Blue Jackets for 8th place in the Western Conference. The Wings sit 1 point ahead of Columbus with the same amount of games played. Detroit also now moves 3 points clear of the Dallas Stars who the Wings will face of Saturday.

Tomorrow will be a big day for the Wings. Not only do they take on the Predators but the Stars play the Blue Jackets in Dallas. Here are some of the scenarios involving tomorrows matchups:

  • If the Stars win tomorrow (regulation or overtime) and the Wings win, Detroit clinches a playoff spot.
  • If the Stars win in regulation and the Wings lose in overtime, Detroit clinches a spot.
  • If the Stars lose (regulation or overtime) and the Wings win, Detroit needs one point against Dallas or a Columbus loss of any kind to clinch a playoff spot.
  • If Detroit loses in regulation while the Blue Jackets win. The Blue Jackets need to lose (regulation or overtime) against the Predators in order for Detroit to make the playoffs.
  • There is also some scenario involving Minnesota but I too excited from this win to think about that!

Remember, don't stop believing. This is Hockeytown and this is what WE do!

Let's Go Wings!