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Wings win 5-2 and get their dinner.

The Red Wings needed to win this game, and they did it in defiant fashion.

Toot Toot VROOM
Toot Toot VROOM
Tom Szczerbowski

Batten down the hatches you classy bitches, we're celebrating tonight! Rum, confetti, strippers, and sammiches for everyone! I don't know what all this sticky stuff is all over the walls, floors and... ceilings?, but I'm not cleaning it up.

With this decisive win, the Wings now sit in 7th place in the West 1 point ahead of the Wild and 3 points ahead of a BJ's team that is playing Dallas right now. If Columbus loses tonight, in any way, the Wings will have clinched their 22nd consecutive playoff berth. We wait with baited breath and slightly less clenched gluteus maxmi.

You know what goes great with two dominant Red Wings wins? A third Red Wings win, over a division rival, in a game we absolutely needed to win.

Coming into this game, the Predators would have loved nothing more than to beat the wings and try to spoil our chance to clinch a playoff spot. Guess what.. Frk you Nashville… Frk you and your frking captain, frk you and your frking everything. The Wings came out and took care of business. Frk yeah that felt good.

  • Detroit knows how to kick the game off right. Immediately after the National Anthem, there was an octopi landing, and Al Sobatka did his thing and swung that bad boy round like a helicopter.

  • Less than 30 seconds into the game I just about dumped my drink when Zetterberg was too nice to embarrass Mason so early and decided to miss the back of the net. Isn’t Zetterberg a considerate Captain?
  • I’ll bet Andersson is really good at dance dance revolution. Did you see his moves when he lost his stick on the PK? Elvis would be jealous of those hip gyrations.

  • You know that pucker you felt in your back door when you heard Mason was starting instead of Rinne because it would be so Wings-like to make him look like an all star goalie? Hahahaha, The Red Wings are such trolls.
  • Zetterberg was so happy on the second Detroit goal that I thought he was going to leap into Franzen’s arms and scream "Hold me Mule!" I would have been perfectly happy to see Mule pick him up and twirl him around in the air.

  • Someone needs to start keeping track of all the #HockeyPorn phrases said by the announcers, because my inner 12 year old would find that highly entertaining.
  • Eaves Scored, Abdelkader scored, if only Bertuzzi has scored tonight, it would have been a trifecta of goal-gasm for me.
  • Filppula was 13-3 in the faceoff circle tonight. Obviously his goal is to get a Gaustad contract, Hahahaha, oh Flip.
  • Jimmy Howard is a baller pimp. He'll never get the respect he deserves in Detroit, and he knows it. Our Jimmy is strong, our Jimmy stands tall and firm when things hard.
  • Justin Abdelkader scored his 10th goal of the season tonight and he's now 4th on the team in goals. I wish you could see my happy dance right now.

These players are really coming together as a team and starting to play with confidence, chemistry and determination. We're getting great effort and results from all the lines and you know what, if they keep playing like this, we can beat Chicago; we can best them in a 7 game series. This team has bee holding on by the skin of the teeth for so many games this season and seemed like they were ready to fall apart at any moment and look where we are. If this team can keep playing like they are right now, or even continue to improve, there's no telling how far we can go. Nothing is guaranteed, and I don't claim to know what will happen, but there's a chance, and it's a better chance than it was last week.

Welcome back Red Wings! This is the team we've been waiting to see all year, the team we knew they could be, the team we hoped to see every single heartbreaking game.