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Rivalry Preview: WIIM vs. Anaheim Calling

Since we're about to get more-acquainted with them and the playoffs makes people crazy. I thought it would be nice to touch base with the blog that covers our enemies while I'm still on speaking terms with the person who runs it. Maybe I'm getting softer in my old age or maybe I'm learning.

Today, we've got Jen Neale from Anaheim Calling on the line. They're a nice community full of people unfortunate enough to like the Ducks. From my experiences, there's some good conversations to be had an some absolute messes of quagmires you can get yourself into. Before everybody gets banned and everybody starts hating everybody else, we beefed up the three questions series all the way to six so we could at least start out on the right foot before things devolve into poop-flinging.

You can check out Anaheim Calling here.

1. What are your feelings on having to take on the Red Wings in the first round? Would you have preferred a different opponent or will the last playoff series between these two teams as conference rivals be a great way to end that rivalry?
There was one team I didn't want to face in the first round and naturally the Ducks are playing that very team. There is something about the Red Wings where they have the ability to completely mind-f*ck the Ducks. Anaheim could play the best game of its life and still end up imploding in the end. It's always been that way. The Red Wings ruined a majority of my pre-teen and teenage years, save a few miracle moments along the way.

I should note that if someone would have told me at the end of last season that the Ducks would be second seed and Detroit was the seventh going into the playoffs, I would have laughed and then asked for a double of whatever they're having.

2. What are the biggest areas of confidence/concern for the way the Ducks play going into this series?
Biggest concern is scoring consistency. At the beginning of the season, the Ducks were getting scoring from pretty much everyone in the lineup. As the season wore on, the depth scoring dried up and a larger amount of pressure was put on Perry, Getzlaf, Ryan and Selanne. Getzlaf continues to be a beast, Perry is starting to come around, as is Selanne but Bobby Ryan has scored two goals in his last 17 games. Love Bobby but he sure isn't living up to his drunken temper tantrum from over the off-season.

3. What are the biggest areas of confidence/concern for the Red Wings' game?
As I said in question one, it's the mind-f*ck factor. Detroit has always found a way to get under the Ducks skin. If the Red Wings score the opening goal, the 2011-2012 Debbie Downer Ducks return. At that, the Red Wings can smell the blood in the water and start to pick at Perry, Getzlaf and Ryan. Before you know it, they're fighting and getting tossed. It doesn't help

4 What should WIIM readers know about Anaheim Calling's community? What's going to get them in/keep them out of trouble if they visit?
Stay at WIIM if all you've got in your insult arsenal are homophobic jokes about Perry and Getzlaf or personal attacks on other commenters because they don't agree with you. This is not a friendly rivalry by any means. We don't like you guys and you don't like us; just be respectful with your hatred.

5. What should WIIM readers expect from AC folks visiting our corner of the blogosphere?
My fellow Ducks fans have a tendency to be very fatalistic the moment something goes wrong or they perceive something as to be going wrong. Don't be surprised if there are many, many comments on the refereeing of the game, should the Ducks be in an unfavorable opinion. I used to be like that and then I took my tinfoil hat off.

6 Finally, who ya got in the series and how many games?
I've got the Ducks in seven on another Teemu Selanne OT goal.