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Rivalry Preview: WIIM vs. Battle of California

Since we're about to get more-acquainted with them and the playoffs makes people crazy. I thought it would be nice to touch base with the blog that covers our enemies while I'm still on speaking terms with the person who runs it. Maybe I'm getting softer in my old age or maybe I'm learning.

Today, we've got Jer from Battle of California. This is the blog I've previously described as "a bar full of Tyler Durdens pissing into a lake of piss." They're both exquisite trolls and hockey-knowledgeable, especially for a bunch of Californians. Before everybody gets banned and everybody starts hating everybody else, we beefed up the three questions series all the way to six so we could at least start out on the right foot before things devolve into poop-flinging.

You can check out Battle of California here.

1. What are your feelings on having to take on the Red Wings in the first round? Would you have preferred a different opponent or will the last playoff series between these two teams as conference rivals be a great way to end that rivalry?
It's certainly not the matchup I wanted for the first round. The Wild were a likely opponent for quite some time, and the Ducks have had no trouble handling them all season. But I guess it will be nice to be able to be the team that shows Detroit the door on their way out of our conference forever.

2. What are the biggest areas of confidence/concern for the way the Ducks play going into this series?
The Ducks have somehow managed to defy all expectations this year, finding scoring depth from unlikely places and pulling out whole lot of wins they really shouldn't have. On the other hand, the Ducks have a whole lot of vulnerabilities in their puck possession game that this shortened season didn't allow to manifest all that much. The playoffs tend to expose these vulnerabilities really quickly. Wings were actually able to do this already in in the regular season, handing us our first back to back loses and starting our first losing streak of the year. So the Wings might be in Anaheim's heads a bit.

3. What are the biggest areas of confidence/concern for the Red Wings' game?
You guys have that ridiculous octopi bullshit going, so I bet that'll really help motivate the team. The biggest concern is that Nicklas Lidstrom played his last NHL game in the middle of last year and the Wings almost fell apart without him, having to struggle for a playoff spot in a shortened season which should have been a cakewalk.

4 What should WIIM readers know about Battle of California's community? What's going to get them in/keep them out of trouble if they visit?
Battle of California is an award-winning, fact-based website where gentleman and ladies of the highest sophistication gather to socialize. You'll get in trouble by taking anything we do seriously or taking our endless trolling to heart, but you can keep out of trouble by rolling with the punches (and dishing it back our way). If you're going to be mean, be funny.

5. What should WIIM readers expect from BoC folks visiting our corner of the blogosphere?
Expect to find all sorts of reasons to whine about how classless California hockey fans are.

6 Finally, who ya got in the series and how many games?
Ducks in 7. Enjoy the East next season, assholes.