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NHL Trade Deadline Live Chat: Open Thread

Tom Szczerbowski

Graham hashed this out yesterday and there was a lot of productive discussion. We're down to mere hours before the talk of what should be gives way to talk of what should have been.

3pm (Detroit Standard Time), the NHL's trade deadline will pass. Teams can't add anybody to the roster that wasn't already a member of the organization. The trade-off is that the 23-man roster limit goes away.

The smart guys who get paid to guess about this stuff for a living don't see Holland pulling the trigger on anything meaningful. Kenny said he wasn't interested in renting guys and he's not interested in adding depth guys if they're not going to be impact names. He said he's listening and he's "kicking tires", but he hasn't said anything about people kicking around his tires.

Part of it is the good ol'-fashioned Kennyism "I like our team", part of it is that a some potential trade partners added the pieces we thought they might want from Detroit.

Vancouver wants a center? Derek Roy got Dallas a 2nd-round pick and a nice defensive prospect.

Carolina is looking for a veteran D-man? Tampa Bay took a guy they waived and a 7th rounder in return for Marc-Andre Bergeron

That's not to say the market's closed for sellers. Chicago and Anaheim would both likely like to add a center while Edmonton, Boston, and Toronto could stand to have a D-man who can QB the power play and move the puck. The pros say Columbus would like to add a top-six guy and they have three first rounders this year. Heck, Winnipeg could use whatever help they could get to maybe sneak into the playoffs as a 3-seed who could potentially have fewer points than the East's 8-seed.

That's also not to say the Wings couldn't potentially buy. I'm just having trouble thinking up guys who are available for reasonable prices.

Keith Yandle? Sure. The kid's good. He's got great instincts. He's probably what we want Brendan Smith to turn into. It sounds like Phoenix is asking #1 D-man prices for a guy that hasn't even played that role in Phoenix. If we've got to spend a bit to land him, I'm ok, but I don't see Kenny tossing his first-rounder out for a guy like him and I don't see Maloney taking less than a start.

Gaborik? Pominville? Vanek? Bueller? Bueller? Bueller...? None of those guys puts Detroit over the top. We've beaten that statement into the ground, huh? I'll keep saying it because while it may be simple, it's true: if the Wings can get better right now & for the near future without getting worse in the long-run, then literally any trade they make is a good one. I just have to see the right move.

"Standing pat" is not the end of the world, but I think it's a mistake when Detroit has guys they can dump.