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Gamethread: Detroit Red Wings at Anaheim Ducks


Anaheim Ducks Team Detroit Red Wings
66 Points - 2nd in West Record 56 Points - 7th in West
Jonas Hiller (15-6-4 2.36 GAA) Starting Goalie Jimmy Howard (21-13-7 2.13 GAA)
Battle of California SB Nation Sites Anaheim Calling
10:30 PM EST Time - Television NBCSN, FS-D, FS-D+, FS-W, TSN

For tonight's game thread, I leave the floor to our own SlapShotGoal

Tonight is the first night, of the rest of our lives. Tonight, the slate is wiped clean. TONIGHT WE PLAY FOR VICTORY! Tonight, nothing else matters! Not the statistics! Not last year! Not last month! Not last week! Tonight, what matters is the determination to win THIS game. Can this team, OUR team, give the most? Can the individual players sacrifice every part of themselves for the good of the team? Can their whole be greater than the sum of its parts? FUCK YES! I hope every single player listens to the media, to their critics, to the fans who doubt them, and to every single god damned person who wants them to fail, to everyone who’s rooting against them, and to everyone who believe their time has passed. I hope they listen to the naysayers, to the haters, and to every harbinger of doom, and raise two middle fingers to them all.
This team is not the team of Stanley dominance, the team of golden opportunity, nor the team of assumed greatness. This is a team who has to work their asses off for every single point, for every single win, for every single shred of pride and dignity. This is a team of fledglings stretching their legs and learning to run for the first time, a team in search of its identity.
Through the most arduous adversity is inner virtue honed.
Yea, our Captain leads us through the valley of the shadow of doubt, his right hand man besting the opposition where all others may fail. Our White Knight shines brightest in the darkest hour, when all hope looks lost and he alone is our last line of defense. When the enemy is pounding on our doorstep, threatening to overrun us, Tiberious stands firm, refusing the advances of those who would seek our destruction. We approach the battle before us, not as knights on noble steeds, but as battered warriors, stained with blood, sweat, and tears. May we ride to victory, see our enemies cast down before us, and hear their wailing and lamentations. May our firmness of character and indomitable spirit rise up and prove once more, that we are the better team, that our leaders are BETTER than the best the dirty Ducks have to offer.
I know not what tomorrow will bring, but tonight let us cast aside all doubt, all uncertainty, and all divisiveness and unite under the Winged banner. Make no mistake my comrades, there will be heartbreak, there will be bloodshed, there will be losses and there will be casualties. Gird your loins, secure fast your helmets, prepare your hearts, and strap on your foil, for tonight... Tonight we ride once again, to the STANLEY CUP PLAYOFFS!