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Fire Everyone: Coyotes 4 - Red Wings 2

The Red Wings lost. And sucked. And sucked while losing. It all sucks.

Visual depiction of tonight's performance
Visual depiction of tonight's performance

Sometimes you have "one of those nights".

Tonight was not one of them. Tonight was the second awful effort in the last 3 games, and their only win in the last week was holding on to beat the worst team in the entire NHL.

It's not even like they played well and lost; they were flat-out terrible from the start of the second period through the end of the game. They didn't skate, they couldn't make a pass, they didn't lay the body on anyone, they didn't defend, they didn't generate offense, and they made didn't make a 3rd string goalie look like some sort of legendary goaltender because they barely tested him all night.

The trade deadline just passed and the Wings "like their team", which is great because I guess someone has to after a night like tonight.

I like this team too. I still like them to make the playoffs. I still like them to win more often than they lose. But I don't like them after efforts like this.

The Wings can't afford to lose games to bad teams that are below them in the standings. When we look back at this season and wonder where it all went wrong (because it will go wrong at some point) we'll look at nights like tonight and 2 weeks ago against Calgary and the lost weekend against Columbus and realize that the issue was the Wings' lack of a killer instinct; the inability to take a situation by the jugular and find the mental strength to finish the job.

So the Wings didn't make any moves and if you listen to Twitter (which is the worst fucking place in the world when the Wings are losing. Seriously, I want to punch babies in the face reading some of the fans on my Twitter feed when they're losing, because I see some pretty dumb shit) then this is the beginning of the end of the playoff streak and the Wings are doomed to mediocrity for years and years and years.

But is missing the playoffs (if it does happen, which I'm still not convinced) such a bad thing in the grand scheme? If the team didn't make moves to bring in any of the crappy rentals that did not fit on this team, then wouldn't missing the playoffs mean that the Wings actually did something smart by not sacrificing picks and/or prospects to begin the rebuild?

I don't know, I'm just frustrated after yet another shitty performance by Detroit. I blame the coaches, players, trainers, management, and even the announcers because why not.

Oh, I guess I should recap the game: Cory Emmerton and Gustav Nyquist were great, Jimmy Howard got no help, and everyone else pretty much sucked.

Goodnight. See you tomorrow.