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St. Louis Game Time's Gameday Coverage & 3 Questions

It's been a while since we've seen these folks, huh? We had some pretty good results in reaching across the gap and discovering that it's possible for actual humans to root for the Blues. Let's see if they can keep up their run after a couple of months' separation from them. We've got Brad Lee answering our three questions today.

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1. How big was landing Leopold and Bouwmeester before the deadline? What do you think of all the roster moves made by the organization so far?
Well the Blues are undefeated (3-0-0) with Leopold. They've had Bouwmeester for the last two games. The Blues have celebrated diversity on the defense and haven't focused on lefthanded Canadians. It's weird. Beyond the handsome, charming and highly-skilled Barret Jackman, they didn't have a quality guy to play on the left. Alex Pietrangelo's growth has been stunted this season with a cavalcade of defensive partners. Kevin Shattenkirk has been hot and cold. Now, they have a solid rotation, a lot more skill and experience. Leopold and Bouwmeester have about as many games played as the rest of the defensemen combined. It's easy to see why Bouwmeester has been so highly thought of. For a guy at 6 feet, 4 inches tall, he has great acceleration. He's all arms and legs. His reach is tremendous. There were memories of Chris Pronger from his best days Friday against Columbus. Exciting stuff.

2. How do you foresee the 6-9 slots playing out by season's end?
I have no idea how the bottom part of the playoff slots will go. A goalie gets hot, someone gets hurt, who knows. So many teams are in the mix, it's almost like a loss on any given night could be almost too much to overcome as we get down the stretch. Take a team like Columbus. They played their guts out here in St. Louis Friday night. It didn't resemble a Blue Jackets club at all. No give up on that roster. All the teams around the cutoff seem to be playing that way right now.

3. If you had to choose between stubbing your toe and knocking your elbow every day for a week? Which would you choose?
Elbow. I've had foot problems in the past. Plus I've stepped on too many Lego pieces in the dark to never forget what that's like. Dang kids. I bet Nik Lidstrom [sic] has to face that all the time now in his mansion in Sweden. You know, now that he's not playing in the NHL anymore.