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Shutout: Red Wings 0 - Blues 1

The Detroit Red Wings were defeated 1-0 by the St. Louis Blues.

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

The last time I reviewed a Wings game the Wings got destroyed by the Chicago Blackhawks.

It seems that my luck hasn't changed.

Anyways, let's get to it.

About two minutes into the game, Jakub Kindl nuked Brian Elliot, or at least according to Edzo. A couple of ass-bombs later, Danny Del-Keisyer makes a great play to get the puck out of our own zone. Just like what he did with Lashoff, Babcock is giving DeKeyser the chance to play the big minutes and I have to say, the more I see of him the more I like. Besides that play not much would happen during the 1st period as both teams headed into their respective locker rooms tied 0-0.

The 2nd period looked as if it would turn out to be much of the same until Chris Porter scored to make it 1-0 to the Blues. I think that Kindl deserves some blame on that goal, he couldn't get the puck into the Blues zone and he couldn't get the puck away from Berglund. I'm not saying that it was entirely his fault but I do think that he deserves some of the blame.

Heading in to the third I felt fairly confident. We had been getting good chances and I thought that we could easily tie this game up. Sadly, I was wrong. After a couple of bad penalties that halted the Wings comeback chances the game came to an end.

Not only were we shutout but we fell to eighth in the standings. I still believe that the Wings will make the playoffs but they have to win the games that matter not just against teams like Colorado. I honestly am so frusterated right now and I have to say that if we miss the playoffs I will be blaming it all on this game. A win today would have put us in a very good position to secure a playoff spot but we instead fall to eighth where we will have to battle with Columbus!?!? to make the playoffs.

The Wings didn't play bad today but they just couldn't capitalize on their chances, if a couples bounces would have gone our way this game would surely have turned out differently. This wasn't a blowout like last Sunday but the loss still stings.

Next up for the Wings are the Sharks on Thursday.

Let's Go Wings!