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Ok. Red Wings 4-3 Ducks (OT)

This is insane.

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

This is how I usually do these things.

I keep the computer open on my side table during the game, as to not throw it accidentally if anything bad/good/terrifying happens. As the game goes along, I make little notes with the bullet points, and during the intermissions I'll go back and expand on those thoughts. I polish things up a bit and do my best to make sure everything sounds okay, and once the bullets are all set, then I come back up here to the first paragraph. The idea there obviously being, once the game is over, I can try to reset things in tune with the tone of the game and how we're all feeling afterward.

Tonight? I have no idea what to type here. Four overtimes in 6 games is insane. It's not healthy. Not that we're expecting it, but can you imagine THREE more rounds of this? Of course not -- you'd have to be Dr. Seuss freebasing a unicorn to imagine that. It wasn't ideal by any stretch, and as happy as I am right now, there's still a hint of anger at how it all went down.

But I'm glad I have plans for Sunday night now. Recap:

  • I thought Carlo Colaiacovo looked pretty ok. I thought that he didn't look like a guy who was just unfrozen from a remote cave lair before the game. I thought that he had a fairly round face. Those are my thoughts.
  • Babcock started the game with his rookie line that lost the game in overtime on Wednesday. He's come a long way since playing a hologram of Dallas Drake over Gustav Nyquist a couple months ago.
  • The Wings tried to capitalize on their first power play by firing so many pucks over the net that the glass would break and fall on top of Hiller and kill him thus leaving an open net for a goal but this strategy did not prove fruitful.
  • This has been the toughest season that many of us young and hip Red Wing fans have had to endure. We've had to deal with the losses of Nick Lidstrom, Jiri Hudler and Larry Murphy. We've had to suffer through five Jonas Gustavsson starts. We've had to talk about Jordin Tootoo. We've had to learn how to spell "Colaiacovo" in order to post this. But we have lived through it. You are reading this, so it must be true. You are not dead. (You might die Sunday night.)
  • I love that Sam Bernstein commercial about motorcyclists' rights. "The driver couldn't answer why he couldn't see me." The driver ran you over on purpose? Is that the insinuation here? Wow this intermission is taking forever. (time-stamped 8:59 pm)
  • Well, what can you say about Pavel Datsyuk's goal that hasn't already been said about the joys of sexual intercourse. He holds the puck at bay with the reach of a 7-footer for what feels like minutes at a time. Doesn't rush anything despite the handful of morons screaming for him to shoot. Then he finishes it off by making Ryan Getzlaf look absolutely stupid, which, if you've seen Getzlaf's face, you know is extremely difficult to do.
  • Jimmy Howard's stop on Teemu Selanne four minutes into the 2nd period was just about the the greatest kick save I have ever seen. It was all the better that it was Teemu. If that was Gustavsson in net, the set-up pass alone would've caused him to shit his pants so hard that the force would propel him to center ice.
  • (BTW that last bullet was a Quincey-Smith shift)
  • I have been critical of Brendan Smith lately because I have eyes but I don't see how anyone can fault him for the fluke goal that went off of him. It wasn't Paul Coffey. I mean Jesus, blame Quincey if you have to ... we love doing that, come on gang. We're good at that one already.
  • Henrik Zetterberg was goalless for the series up until tonight and he was like, "oh, here's two." He is a magical and furry man. He and Corey Perry are two scorers who had yet to pot one before this game; Z responded with a pair, and Perry responded by licking a toilet seat after Bruce Boudreau sat on it which I thought was weird.
  • Justin Abdelkader's goal in the 3rd period was a great relief, like if you swallowed a whole tub of Rolaids. Ohhohohoho, how stupid we all were...
  • Quite a night for Val Filppula. His lackluster season came to a raging climax with under 4 to play in the 3rd and the Red Wings up 3-1, appearing well on their way to forcing a Game 7 as comfortably as one can this time of year. Then he sauntered around the Detroit net, left a blind back pass to nobody, and suddenly the Ducks had scored. Val then cracked a wry smile, the nWo music started playing, and Selanne came over to hand him his new Anaheim jersey amid a host of high fives and hugs from his new teammates.
  • Can't really bring my thoughts completely together to compose anything to say about Anaheim's tying goal in the 3rd. That's an all-timer. That's "34.7" to a lesser degree, Ozzie in '94, and everything else that you associate with vomit. How did this happen? If your answer in any form is "Jimmy Howard" I want you to touch a mechanical pencil to your pee hole and click that thing until your eyes start to bleed.
  • I celebrated this overtime goal differently than any other I've seen before it. I just laughed. I laughed and looked at my life like, "what in the hell did we just watch?" I'm still laughing.


Go Wings.