FINAL UPDATE/PLEA - WiiM: I need your help - and wit - for game 3.

One of us will be on the glass behind Jimmy for the 1st and 3rd at game 3 (OK, it's me, but I didn't want to rub that part in). I've never been down there at The Joe and I want to make it count. So I need your best ideas for signs, gestures, etc. to show or p press to the glass whenever the action is down below that goal line, please.

Anything funny and feasible will be considered. Also, does anybody know the JLA policy on signs? Several of my ideas call for cardboard or foamboard work. Will I need to sneak those in?

UPDATE: Still plenty to do with this (cutting, mounting, speech bubble accessories), but.....

Hi, I'll be at The Joe watching my boy smooch fartholes. Mrs. Donna Kane, ladies and gents. (Hockey stick to show relative size).

I'm also considering bringing my angry eyes. Yikes.

UPDATE 2: I'll be letting the Hawks know every time they throw weak stuff toward my net. James Tiberius Howard, fuckers. And don't you forget it.

FINAL UPDATE: Jimmy and Momma Kane are mounted and cut, and I have the following ideas for Mrs. Kane captions.

SPEECH BUBBLE: Why can't you (1G, 7P) be more like that Zetterberg (3G, 10P)?

SPEECH BUBBLE: Pat, going to dinner with Pavs. Don't wait up. I hear his touch is MAGIC.

SPEECH BUBBLE: PATRICK TIMOTHY KANE! You missed your haircut again, young man


By my expert calculations, that's 4,but I have posterboard for maybe 10.... SO LAY SOME IDEAS ON ME!

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