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TSN's Top 10 Pavel Datsyuk Goals

From TSN, we have the top ten Pavel Datsyuk goals from his illustrious career. Puck Daddy covered this with some comments as well. Here are my thoughts.

  • It's almost unfair to use shootout goals because, yes, I do consider them "lesser" goals. However, the flip shot over Niemi when he was in Chicago was just too wonderful.
  • Tying into the theme about shootout goals, I'd probably replace #5 on the list (which is TWO shootout goals) with Datsyuk's game-tying snap shot against Anaheim in Game 4. The move that has come to be colloquially known as "the Datsyuk" in some circles is better shown elsewhere in the countdown in actual game action.
  • That goal on #2, scored by walking Chris Pronger? A thing of beauty. Forgotten tidbit: That was Pronger's first of only five games playing during the regular season that year. He might be forgiven for a bit of rustiness if Datsyuk can be forgiven for being at a point in his career when people still called him "soft."
  • Hahahaha yes. People at one point really did think that Datsyuk would never be able to consistently produce in the NHL because while he always had amazing hands, he didn't learn his trademark difficulty to knock off the puck for a little while.
  • There will never be anything more perfect than embarrassing Marty Turco while he's wearing the Mooterus. It's like a shame cherry topping a degradation sundae.
  • Love the inclusion of the shot from the KHL All-Star game for pure artistry. Forget the gripe about the shootout and forget that it happened at an All-Star game. The goalie was trying his damndest to stop that one and Pavs got more on that shot than some beer-leaguers get on their slappers.
  • Pavel Datsyuk is great.