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Quick Hits: It's Do or Die

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Tomorrow the Wings will either be in the WCF or thinking about what could have been

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Gregory Shamus

Red Wings News

How To Feel About Game Seven - Octopus Thrower
The first sentence of the post is why I think we have a chance. The pressure is not on us. It's on them.

Brendan Smith faces unrealistic expectations | FSD

Are the expectations a little high? Sure. But he is playing like utter crap. YES!

Wings hope to draw upon Game 7 experience | Windsor Star

We have been in this boat before.

Pressure-packed Game 7? Not for the Detroit Red Wings, who plan to have fun vs. Chicago Blackhawks |

The pressures on Chicago. This has already been a successful season (all things considered) for the Wings. Anything less than a cup is an utter disappointment for the Blackhawks.

Red Wings had their chance, now get one more - The Globe and Mail

I've said this before and I will say it again. Sure, it sucks that we lost the last two games but we have an opportunity to win this next game and I think that we have a real good chance to do just that.

Rolling Stones’ show may cause for some bad ice at United Center | Red Wings Front

That can be both good and bad for the Wings.

Time for Some Hate | NOHS
"I hate their whiny captain"

Move on or go home are Wings' choices - Detroit Red Wings - News

It's do or die. You're either in or you're out. It's as simple as that.

NHL News

Would Henrik Lundqvist consider leaving the Rangers? -
Very doubtful. From reading his interviews with Swedish newspapers, you can tell that he loves living in NYC. I would highly doubt that he would leave the Rangers.

MacKinnon moves back to No. 1 in ISS rankings | ProHockeyTalk
A couple of hat tricks pushed him ahead of Seth Jones.

Columbus Blue Jackets sign 2011 draft pick, goalie Anton Forsberg, to 3-year contract - The Hockey News
The question is, will he have the same impact as a man sharing his last name?

Dallas Stars GM preaches patience as Ruff, Vigneault enter coaching search | Puck Daddy - Yahoo! Sports
Take your time, see who you like the most. Don't rush to get a highly sought after coach.

Roy pledges to bring ‘Stanley Cup attitude’ back to Avs | ProHockeyTalk
Not going to happen Roy. Not as long as you have Varlamov in net.

Fraser: Four criteria must be met before penalty shot called | TSN
What should be going through a referees mind when he calls a penalty shot.

Chicago Blackhawks double Cubs vs. White Sox ratings in Game 6 blockbuster | Puck Daddy - Yahoo! Sports
Not surprising at all. Game 6 against a bitter rival is way more important than a regular season baseball game, despite the teams.

Alfredsson needs time before making decision on future | TSN
I think he wants to return for one last season. One last run at the cup.

Roy wants Sakic to explore trading first overall pick | ProHockeyTalk

If you can get a good deal then why not. But it has to be a good deal.

After Blackhawks’ penalty shot, what do we really want from NHL playoff officiating? | Puck Daddy - Yahoo! Sports
All I want is consistency. If you want to call that as a penalty, be my guest, but make sure to call that same play every time it occurs.

NHL calls latest Coyotes ownership meetings constructive | ProHockeyTalk

Maybe we finally have a buyer for the Phoenix franchise.

Let's Go Red Wings!