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WiiM's Parting Gift to the Western Conference

Mama Kane Trolls Again!
Mama Kane Trolls Again!
Chris Hoffman
[Editor Note: This is Frking awesome, and since it all started with our very own Silent Verbal, I'll let him explain what it is and why it's so kick ass.]

We wake to a second day of the Red Wings off-season. And yet there is hockey. Yes, though it seems a blasphemy to these hearts that beat for Red and for White (the color, not necessarily the Ian), hockey will go on tonight - without us. But it can feel empty and unaffecting, can't it? Sure, those other fans still get to yell, guzzle stadium beers, maybe experience minor coronary episodes at home in a recliner. What role do we have now? How do can we find a way to get involved? Well, WiiM, what if I told you that you already have?

You see, shortly after that thing happened in that game Wednesday night - that blood curdling thing - I was asked about a certain photo deployed to the certain agitation of a certain bratty Blackhawks forward. I was happy to oblige, if only for the brief, satisfying nostalgia conjured as I found and forwarded the file.

Meanwhile much of the conversation here turned to the subject of rooting interests among the playoff survivors. Who should we hate the least among the teams left standing? While a host of persuasive arguments such as "Pittsburgh - fuck that" and "Hawks suck" joined my own initial thoughts in yesterday's Quick Hits comments, little did we know a certain other fanbase was making an even better case for our temporary admiration and support - and making WiiM a part of the Western Conference Final.

@OneGirlOnePuck, a contributor over at an LA Kings blog The Royal Half, made that inquiry about Momma Kane's mug with the intention of enlisting as many Kings fans as possible to raise her gaze in the face of Poor Pitiful Patrick come gametime in LA. In a masterfully troll-y "know your enemy" preview of their upcoming series, she's provided, along with a great tribute to the Wings' exposure of Chicago's flaws, the enlargement of Donna I made to keep Patrick Kane company at the Joe. So while the Wings won't take the ice, a little slice of WiiM just may take to the glass in the Western Conference Final thanks to her. Check out her full post here. A very amusing read and maybe, just maybe, reason enough to root for the Kings.