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CSSI Analysis: Western Conference Quarterfinals Game 3: Red Wings 0 - Ducks 4

Kirk Irwin

The Red Wings had a chance to take advantage of their game 2 win with a home ice showing against the Ducks and they couldn't get the job done. After a chance to take the lead in the first with a 5-on-3, the Wings gave up the initiative and ended up losing their composure in the third period. Also, in the second, Justin Abdelkader laid a hit which is going to get him suspended.

Overall, the game ended up being called about right, but it was an ugly road getting there. Both teams had six power plays. Anaheim scored twice on theirs while Detroit got shut out. Overall, Anaheim had a 29-23 shot advantage.

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Goalie Ratings

Jimmy Howard lost the head-to-head to Jonas Hiller and I'm going to give him a -1 overall rating. He wasn't the problem, but the way the Getzlaf shorty happened was problematic.

The Goals

2nd Period 15:29 - Anaheim Goal (PP): Nick Bonino (backhand) from Corey Perry and Ryan Getzlaf
Just 18 seconds into Abdelkader's major, the Ducks get on the board as Bonino gets to a loose puck just above the netmouth scramble and puts it in. Kronwall's going to get the minus on this one. As the puck comes low to Perry, Kronwall is cheating up into the slot. This gives Perry time to walk to the front and get the initial chance and it makes it so that Ericsson has to give Bonino space to get the rebound.

3rd Period 06:33 - Anaheim Goal (SH): Ryan Getzlaf (wrist shot) unassisted
With one second left on the Wings' power play, Damien Brunner gets cute in his own zone and lets Getzlaf poke the puck off his stick. Howard comes out to get it, but he's a half-step too late as Getzlaf plays it around him and sweeps it into the open net. Brunner will get a minus and a half. You can't be that careless as the last man back. Everybody else will keep his minus though. That whole shift was more than 30 seconds old when this happened. Score a goal and you don't have to worry about this shorty.

3rd Period 08:04 - Anaheim Goal: Emerson Etem (wrist shot) from Teemu Selanne
The Ducks get their third as a turnover in the Wings' zone and some rookie defending gives Selanne a pass to Etem on the doorstep for an easy put-in. Both Kindl and Lashoff will get minuses (Kindl turnover and Lashoff coverage). This is just bad coverage as Kindl panics a bit to turn it over and then Lashoff forgets it's his job to cover the front of the net. Datsyuk, Zetterberg, and Samuelsson will be cleared as they changed behind this play. Brunner will get his minus back for being the ultimate reason the Ducks got this puck deep. Zetterberg is the only one who actually gets into this play and he's busy covering Bonino when Etem and Selanne are victimizing the Wings' young D-men.

3rd Period 13:34 - Anaheim Goal (PP): Matt Beleskey (tip in) from Saku Koivu and Bobby Ryan
The Ducks put a "fuck you" goal on the board late with a great pass from Koivu from the corner to Beleskey on the back door. Smith is the one caught out of position here as he chases Ryan behind the net and doesn't get back in front to cover the back door. He has no business going behind his own net. Lashoff has the far post sealed. It's his job to seal the near post. When he takes himself out of position, he gives Beleskey all the time he needs. Minus for Smith on the coverage here.

Penalty Adjustments (pluses and minuses only)

1st Period - The first four penalties: Sammy's call against was bad and was canceled by Bonino's. Koivu's high-sticking wasn't drawn, nor was Beauchemin's puck over the glass.
1st Period 13:51 - Teemu Selanne (tripping): Franzen draws a plus here as he gets a good jump on a loose puck in center ice to force Selanne into a bad spot.
1st Period 16:40 - Patrick Eaves (hooking): Eaves gets a minus trying to lift Cam Fowler's stick. He overdoes it and hooks the guy.

2nd Period 12:01 - Ryan Getzlaf (tripping): Datsyuk earns a plus for doing pretty much the same thing Franzen did to Selanne in the first.
2nd Period 15:11 - Justin Abelkader (charging): Abdelkader gets a major for a big hit on Lydman which aims and finishes high. >Abdelkader will get two minuses on this.

3rd Period 04:34 - Luca Sbisa (interference): Zetterberg gets a plus for hard work to keep his legs moving which highlights Sbisa interfering with him.
3rd Period 10:58 - Damien Brunner (holding): Brunner gets overzealous on a backcheck and grabs his man. Minus for Brunner.
3rd Period 11:59 - Jimmy Howard (roughing): I'm not actually tracking plus/minuses for goalies, but I want to make clear that this is a dumb decision by Howard.

Bonus Ratings

-1 to Pavel Datsyuk and Henrik Zetterberg: Not good enough for the Wings' two best players. Not enough getting pucks on net and not good enough on the power play.
-0.5 to Valtteri Filppula: 5 SOG was actually pretty good. 7-9 in the faceoff circle and not a lot of memorable play is not.
-1 to Kyle Quincey: His puck control in this game was unacceptably bad.

Honorable Mentions:

Pretty bad game for Brunner, huh? The lower line guys didn't play great, but this is kind of a situation where the game was lost at 1-0 and things just went downhill from there.

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