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CSSI Analysis: Western Conference Quarterfinals Game 4: Red Wings 3 - Ducks 2 (OT)

Gregory Shamus

I don't even know. I'm just going to type stuff here trying to calm down so I can be somewhat objective in this analysis. I haven't seen the Wings simultaneously refuse to lose and will to win and other narrative-type stuff so much in a while. The Ducks still have an advantage in this series, although it's 2-2, but the Wings at least guaranteed us one more playoff game and that's all I want.

The reffing in this one actually turned out ok after what seemed like something of a bullshit start. The standard was quite loose, as it was generally more-obvious fouls getting called while they let interference, hooks, holds, and some trips go regularly. Neither team scored on the power play. Anaheim went 0-for-3 while Detroit went 0-for-wait...what the fuck? One goddamn power play? I take back everything I just said. That's bullshit.

CSSI Methodology Explanation here

Goalie Ratings

Jimmy Howard won the head-to-head. This one was extremely close, as Hiller shut the door on numerous Wings chances and looked as unbeatable as a goalie who allowed three goals can possibly look. Hiller worked harder, stopping 46 of 49 shots compared to Howards 31-of-33, but it was a slight combination of some absolutely insane scoring chances for the Ducks and the game-winner in OT combining to give Howie the win in that category. Overall, the aforementioned insane scoring chances being stopped will net Howard a +2 overall rating.

The Goals

1st Period 05:07 - Anaheim Goal: Matt Beleskey (wrist shot) from Andrew Cogliano
After the Wings get a series of good chances, the Ducks come the other way and take advantage of some scrambling defense as Cogliano picks a loose puck out of the defensemen's feet to get it to Beleskey out front. Howard stops the initial shot and the immediate follow-up, but can't stop the third try for Beleskey. Quincey and Smith will pick up a minus apiece for the turnover. Franzen, Filppula, and Cleary will have their minuses erased. Each of them is covering their guy as the turnover happens and gets dragged far enough away by those coverages to be unable to make a difference.

3rd Period 01:18 - Detroit Goal: Brendan Smith (slap shot) from Daniel Cleary
The Wings finally get on the board as a Brendan Smith slap shot hits off Francois Beauchemin standing in front and tips under Hiller. Andersson is going to get the screener's assist and a half-bonus assist on this one. Andersson is a big part of the reason the Wings get this goal with his net-front work.. Quincey will pick up an assist, as will Nyquist for puck-moving in the zone. Andersson and Nyquist will each pick up half a plus for their forechecking work to retrieve the puck as well.

3rd Period 10:40 - Anaheim Goal: David Steckel (wrist shot) from Kyle Palmieri and Emerson Etem
The Ducks pull back ahead on some shaky defense by the youngsters. Both Etem and Steckel get to a loose puck off a rebound from a shot off Palmieri's stick as nobody picks either up. Steckel finishes it off. Kindl will get a turnover minus as he lets a puck get by him at center ice which allows the Ducks entry into the zone. Kindl will then get a coverage half-minus for allowing Palmieri to get away from him for the shot. Brian Lashoff will pick up a coverage minus-and-a-half. First he lets Etem get good body position on him, then he bumps Howard as the shot is coming in, which I believe has something to do with where the rebound ends up. Andersson will pick up a coverage minus, as he watches both D-men chase behind the net to one side and doesn't seal off the far post. Both Nyquist and Brunner are close enough to this play to keep their minuses.

3rd Period 13:27 - Detroit Goal: Pavel Datsyuk (wrist shot) from Brendan Smith and Mikael Samuelsson
Datsyuk decides he's tired of being behind and just rips a wrister over Hiller's shoulder from the faceoff circle to tie it. Datsyuk will get a bonus half-plus. I'd like to give more of an adjustment on such a jaw-dropping snipe, but I really don't have a way to. The Wings were having trouble getting the puck up ice until Smith hit Datsyuk in stride and then Pavel just willed the puck into the top shelf.

Overtime 15:10 - Detroit Goal: Damien Brunner (woooo!) from Gustav Nyquist (woooo!) and Joakim Andersson (woooo!)
The Wings finish off the game with an attempted breakout pass from Andersson which doesn't quite connect. However, Hiller stays deep because he's unsure. As everybody collapses in, the puck bounces in on Hiller and lays in the crease. Brunner follows it up to put the game home and end my life. I am dead now. Kindl will get the third assist and Lashoff the fourth. The Ducks get a chance behind the net that's ended by a great box-out by Lashoff on Winnik which will earn him a bonus plus-and-a-half. Not only does he box out, but he knocks his guy down with the hip, freeing Kindl up to get a pass to Andersson. Nyquist's hustle will earn him a bonus half-plus, same as Andersson's vision on the pass.

Penalty Adjustments (pluses and minuses only)

1st Period 19:26 - Johan Franzen (interference): Away from the puck, Franzen steps into the path of Andrew Cogliano. Dumb penalty. Minus for Franzen.

2nd Period 05:49 - Todd Bertuzzi (boarding): Bertuzzi hits Sbisa in the numbers and goes to the box. It's horseshit because there should have been a tripping call on the Ducks about 30 seconds prior, but Bert shouldn't board people. Minus for Bertuzzi. [edit: adjusted to half-minus. see comments]

3rd Period 04:16 - Francois Beauchemin (tripping): Datsyuk earns a plus as some great in-zone work causes Beauchemin to bring him down, giving the Wings a power play.

Overtime 01:05 - Joakim Andersson (high-sticking): Andersson gets a minus. Most of what hits Corey Perry in the face is his own stick, but the toe of Andersson's blade catches Perry's chin.

Bonus Ratings

-1 to Brendan Smith and Kyle Quincey: Two points for Smith in this one and he still deserved an extra minus adjustment. This pairing terrified me.
-0.5 to Jakub Kindl and Brian Lashoff: Also terrifying with the puck, these two made fewer mistakes, but they did not handle the forecheck well.
+2 to Niklas Kronwall, +2.5 to Jonathan Ericsson: Ericsson was +29 for corsi events in this game and played exceptionally well to stymie Anaheim's best line. Kronwall wasn't quite as noticeably good, but he was incredible as well. That's not even to mention their PK work.
+1.5 to Patrick Eaves: Many of Detroit's most-dangerous chances came either directly off his stick or as a result of his hard work.
+1 to Henrik Zetterberg: It doesn't feel like he got enough credit for defending in his own zone and moving the puck the right way.
+1 to Cory Emmerton and Joakim Andersson: Big minutes on the PK for these two with great plays, especially those which ended the Ducks' PP chance in OT are what earned bonus adjustments here.

Honorable Mentions:

Val Filppula was on his way to a minus after the first period, but settled down and made up for it. Bertuzzi all but had at least a half-plus wiped out by a single turnover into the middle of the ice in the Wings' end.

Season Totals Chart