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May 7 Open Thread/Discussion Post

Bruce Bennett

So who's watching the games tonight?

PIT @ NYI - 7:00 PM (NBCSN)
Pittsburg leads 2-1:

Pittsburgh is the better team, but the Isles have given them plenty of trouble. I'm worried about the Islanders scaring the Penguins into fixing what's wrong with their defense. If they get that figured out, they're much more-terrifying.

MTL @ OTT - 7:00 PM (CNBC)
Ottawa leads 2-1:

Why the hell is this the CNBC game? After the goofy shit that went down in Game 3, you figure this one would get the bigger national stage. I know it's an all-Canadian matchup, but c'mon. This is way more interesting. I want to see if anybody permanently embarrasses the sport in this one.

CHI @ MIN - 9:30 PM (NBCSN)
Chicago leads 2-1:

The Hawks let the Wild win a game in this series. LOL.

VAN @ SJS - 10:00 PM (CNBC)
San Jose leads 3-0:

The Canucks are more worried about talking shit on the Sharks' diving than they are on scoring goals. This one could end tonight and that wouldn't surprise me.


I'm wondering which is the stronger potential emotion for you at this point based on what happens tomorrow night.