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Game 5 Post Game Thoughts

I like these posts a lot better after we win.

Watch it and let the hate flow.
  • Let me get this out of way first... Corey Perry is a *fuckwad, *shitstain, poor excuse for a human being who should go play in traffic. * My apologies to all fuckwads and shitstains who are offended by this comparison.

Stick tap to @DCG_30 on Twitter for finding the gif of Perry kicking Jimmy in the family jewels (the first time).

"I’m sore, my whole left side was sore — shoulder, hand, ribs, neck, head."..."I didn't see him coming at all. Then, you know, it hurt." ..."I had to come in and do some testing and see the docs. In the playoffs everybody plays through something."

"I honestly don't think it was a penalty at all,'' Smith said. "Obviously, it's hard for these officials. It's so quick, and I'm not sure if (the referee) had the best angle, but Getzlaf cut in front of me and I tried to get around him and I guess he thought I was holding. But I didn't even touch him.

"I was very frustrated with that. I mean, I don’t think it’s a penalty in any league. It’s not like he was off-balance. I barely even touched him. I’m not even sure I did. And then they convert on it, and it’s Getzlaf as well, so it’s like a double whammy there."

"Smitty is a work in progress, like lots of our blue line, but he’s done a good job for us," coach Mike Babcock said. "The thing that he is, he’s ultra competitive. We just always say to him: What would Nick have done, and that means simple first.

"He’s a good young player. Like all young guys, you’re going to make some mistakes. The other thing that tends to happen is, early in games, you’re idling a little too fast. You’ve got to settle down each and every night. When he does that, he’s real effective for us."

"I think I’d had a lot of chances, they just hadn’t gone in — whether they hit someone’s stick or a post or the goalie makes a great save, it’s been frustrating when the puck hasn’t gone in the back of the net," Smith said. "Finally it paid off Monday. That was a great feeling.

"When I was in the minors with Grand Rapids, I was putting up good points, and when I was in college, but now at this level, it seems like the puck doesn’t go in the back of the net — it’s better competition. But it’s a thrill to know you can still do it."

"The thing that has gotten me to this place is, a lot of my skating with the puck and how I move it, so it’s definitely a balancing act. It’s a work in progress. I’ve got to keep working hard. What I have to learn is, I am not the star defenseman getting points on the back end. I have to play my end first and then things will come out of it."

  • I had to raise my eyebrows at this quote from Quincey.

"First day of camp, coach put us together and said that was going to be my new role this year, to play with Smitty and take care of him. It’s been fun to watch him getting better and better as the year has gone on. It’s really good to see him have success."

"I think it was too slow, not enough pep,'' Kronwall said. "That could have been a turning point. We had a good chance to grab the game right there.''

"That was the key moment of the game,'' Red Wings forward Mikael Samuelsson said. "We're up 2-1, if we put one more in there, it's tough uphill for them. We had to do it.''

"When we killed that off I thought it gave us a little bit of confidence,'' Ducks coach Bruce Boudreau said. "When Getzie scored that was a huge goal. To come in tied after what we had done in the second period I thought was very big.''

Babcock- We hit the post right away on it... In hindsight you go your first two groups, call a timeout and go ‘em again. We put a group in between, we took a penalty, we didn’t score on the powerplay is the bottom line. I don’t think that was the end of the game though… There’s lot of things you can look at . We lost the faceoff in our own zone and gave up a goal, on the penalty kill right after the 5 minute powerplay we weren’t organized enough coming back into our own zone. You could have had different people on the ice… Lots of coulda woulda shoulda stuff. The bottom line is it’s a playoff game, we hit three posts tonight and it didn’t go in and that’s life. I thought they were way better than us in the first, I thought we were way better than them in the second, I thought the third was pretty even and they scored in overtime.

  • Babcock didn't specifically say which line didn't show up last night, but his intent was clear...

I thought we could have been better, we really skated them and had opportunities at times and really took over at times.I still thought we could have been better, I thought we could have been harder. We didn’t have four lines tonight like the other night at home, we had three, but not the fourth and you need everybody.

"Our goaltender was superb in the first, Howie really held us in at the start."

  • Who's been the best defensive pairing in the series according to Mike Babcock?

Our best pair in Ericsson and Kronwall have done a great job for us, I think they’re the best pair by far in the series and they get a lot of miles against those guys (Getzlaf and his line) and they're big guys, they go around good and make it hard on you."

  • It's really is disappointing that Jimmy did so much to give the team the chance to win, and it ended like it did.

"It’s too bad that we wasted a really good effort by Howie," defenseman Niklas Kronwall said. "It’s amazing how good he is. It doesn’t feel too good not to get one for him tonight."

  • Jimmy Howard sums things up nicely. Another game, another night, another chance to win. Nothing has come easy for this team. Put on the foil boys, you're about to go to war.

This team has scratched and clawed all year and I’ve got a lot of confidence in this group out here. It’s going to be a battle, this series has been a battle, it’s been back and forth and it’s going to be the same way Friday night at home.