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Report: Drew Miller Signs 3-Year Extension with Detroit Red Wings


From Josh Rimer:

I saw this retweeted by James Mirtle (@mirtle). Ansar Khan of MLive tweeted the same about ten minutes later.

As it stands, 3 years at $1.35M per year will take Drew Miller to age 32 (or, if you're basing it on his hair, age 79). The Wings will now have a 20-man roster with $10.6M cap space to fill out to 23. Those spots will likely be filled by two forwards and one D-man. In reality, there's likely going to be more than two forward spots to fill once all is said and done, but as it stands right now, the Wings have 12 forwards on their roster. That number does not include Damien Brunner, Gustav Nyquist, Joakim Andersson, or Dan Cleary, all of whom the Red Wings have said they're trying to or would like to re-sign.

The roster space issue will work itself out one way or another though. What the Wings get in re-signing Miller is a guy who may be the team's best penalty killer. Despite an awful start in a shortened season, Miller ended up in the top three on the Red Wings for lowest rates of being scored against while shorthanded. His sense of passing and shooting lanes is very good and he does a good job of knowing when to attack the puck and when to back off. On June 6th, Mike Babcock told the press "I'm a huge fan of Millsie. Millsie's an important part of this team. When he was out, we missed him."

The re-signing isn't wholly about Miller's penalty killing. This season, Miller put up four goals in 44 games. Prior to that, his 14 tallies in 80 games made a career high and a not-too-shabby number for a fourth-liner who plays limited minutes at even strength. Miller lacks the build to be a power forward, but the way he uses his 6'2" frame in the corners makes him a good forechecker and his willingness to go to the front of the net to look for rebounds makes him an annoyance to opposition defenders. He probably has better instincts than hands, but hey, if he were the complete package, he'd be getting paid a lot more than $1.35M.

We'll update the story as more details come out.