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Tuesday Open Thread

Anthony Gruppuso-US PRESSWIRE

Datsyuk Datsyuk Datsyuk Datsyuk Datsyuk Datsyuk Datsyuk.

There, I feel better.

I'd feel much better if by the end of the night, the Grand Rapids Griffins were lifting the Calder Cup as your 2013 AHL Champions. But, that hasn't happened yet. It could have happened on Friday. It should have happened on Saturday. The Griffins had two chances to close out the series on home ice and instead find themselves flying Red Bird III to Syracuse for a game 6 in a series where they lack any momentum.

The defense has struggled; the goalie has struggled; the offense can't break through. Yikes. Do the Griffins need to take some pressure off themselves or what?

You can watch tonight's game on or also on's live stream. I honestly can't tell you if the FSD feed will be local guys or if they're just going to borrow the official feed. Aside from that, I also can't tell you what the expected delay between game time and stream time will be. It tends to run about 50 seconds, so if you're following along on Twitter, just always be ready to get the news of events before you see them.

I'm calling for Nyquist to take this game over. Go Griffins!