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Wednesday Open Hump

Russell LaBounty-USA TODAY Sports

They're thinking about eliminating the spin-o-rama from the shootout because it makes it hard for the refs to judge whether all the rules are being followed in the skills competition. Here's my opinion.

The shootout argument happens every year because it's a dumb gimmick to prevent ties and both of those things are kind of dumb, but you can't have neverending OT periods during the regular season because that would be awful. If it's going to be about skills, leave in a bunch of the skills, including the spin-o-rama.


Hey, you might have heard this, but the Griffins won the Calder Cup and they are awesome. If you hadn't heard that, then now you have. Congrats on catching up.

The city of Detroit and the Downtown Development Authority, together with Ilitch Holdings and Wayne County and a bunch of other people probably came to a non-binding memorandum of understanding today in regards to a $650M development project which would include a new 18,000 seat arena for the Red Wings to occupy for the foreseeable future. Lots of people who still have to sign off on this project, but it's one step closer to breaking ground now.

Chicago's dumb sportswriters are all over how the Hawks are losing this series because they're too calm. Both of the articles I read today (which I'm not linking) said basically that the Hawks need something to shake some fear into them or they're going to get smoked by the Bruins. Both also mentioned that the Hawks went down 3-1 to the Wings, but this isn't the same because Boston is better than the Wings.

Personally, I'm hoping that after the puck drops tonight (8pm on NBC*), that the Hawks play with all the fear in the world that they'll lose this series and end up "gripping the sticks too hard", skating out of position, and taking dumb emotional penalties because I want to see the 180-degree turn that the ridiculous beat writers would make in such a situation.

*...wait...NBC? Guess the Peacock doesn't have any more-important shows going on during hump day that forces them to bump hockey to the little brother network. Is 'So You Have America's Fat Talented Chance Dances' in reruns or something?