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Saturday Open Thread

The Saddledome as it should be.
The Saddledome as it should be.
Derek Leung

No more than three games left in the lockout-shortened season. The Hawks and Bruins are back at it in Chicago for Game 5 tonight with the series knotted at two. Honestly, Chicago looks like the slightly-better team, but I want this thing to go seven. It's not exactly going to take injuries (like the one to Marian Hossa) slowing down the Blackhawks for the Bruins to pull it off, but rest assured that if Boston wins this, that's the excuse they're going to go with in the Windy City.

Meanwhile, the weather in Calgary has brought summer floods their way. I hope everybody stays safe up there. A few tweets have shown pics of what the Saddledome looks like right now. It's going to take a lot of zamboni-work to clear this up.

There's a photoshop floating (heh) around out there that shows the perspective, but know that it is a chop job. There's no power there right now and anybody claiming this is a legit photo is lying. Still, it's interesting to see where the water's up to.

Also, here's the joke I would have made if I had thought of it first.

We're also only 8 days from the draft. Detroit will pick 18th. This is the highest pick they've had in the first round since Martin Lapointe went at 10th in 1991 (They got Kindl in 2005 after the lockout lottery gave them that pick and they traded what would have been the 19th-overall last year to give Tampa Bay a shot at drafting a Russian Goalie... and for no other reason. I SAID FOR NO OTHER REASON! SHUT UP!)

The Production Line's Michael Petrella wrote this draft preview. Give it a read.

SB Nation ran a mock draft a little while ago and they've been going through the picks this week. Our pick goes up on Monday and I'll tell you that I'd be thrilled if this kid falls into the Wings's lap.

Game 5 starts tonight at 8 on NBC. Can't wait for overtime to ruin peoples' SNL reruns.

Go hockey!