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Monday Open Thread: Release the Rancourt

truly terrifying
truly terrifying
Josh Howard

Can't say how thrilled I am with that banner image. Thanks Josh!

The Cup will be in the building tonight as the Hawks look to finish off the Bruins in Game 6. Looks like both Bergeron and Toews will be playing tonight after neither finished Saturday's match (Bergeron left for the hospital with some unknown problem while Toews sat and watched the third with what might have been a concussion).

I predicted that the Hawks would win this in six thanks to their top guys being able to get more done than Boston's and that's what happened so far. Now it's up to the Hockey Gods to ruin things for me by having Boston's big guns step up and take over the next two games or else watch Patrick Kane skate around with the cup again.

If you're outside of Detroit, look for the game on your local NBC feed (in almost every market). If you're inside Detroit, know that the local WDIV won't be showing the game, but WADL (channel 38) will have the game.