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2013 NHL Draft: With Selection #58 Detroit Selects Tyler Bertuzzi


With their third pick in the NHL Draft, the Red Wings have selected a familiar name. Tyler Bertuzzi of the OHL's Guelph Storm, and nephew of Detroit's Todd Bertuzzi has joined the Wings' organization at the 58th overall pick.

Bertuzzi is 6'0" 178 lbs and plays left wing. He shoots right.

Bertuzzi was described as an agitator by NBCSN's on-air crew (something about how he makes Andrew Shaw look calm by comparison). I personally can't wait to see another few years of being told I can't dislike anything in hockey because the Red Wings employ Bertuzzi.

Little Bert's own coach has this to say about the mix of skill vs. agitation he's shown, as reported by the Sudbury Star's Ben Leeson.

"One thing that he really enjoys is the hard-nosed side of the game," Walker said. "But he had to understand that he does have more skill. It's nice that the other part of his game is there, people understand now that he's willing, but you have to show that you can play, too.

"But I'd still rather have to slow a guy down that have to encourage him."