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Hump Day Open Thread

sanbeiji - Flickr

One week since the Wings were eliminated and today it actually kind of stings thinking about it.

After being dominated on the road for the first two games, the Kings took game three essentially by one goal. Los Angeles is incredible at home this postseason, but they only have two more games there at most in this series and they have to win three more. The math is not favorable to them and they haven't won a road playoff game since round 1.

Meanwhile, Boston comes home, where they're 5-2 on in the postseason (having not lost since the first round). The Bruins are up 2-0 on the Penguins and look commanding so far, having outscored Pittsburgh 9-1 in the series' first two games. Julien might want to go ahead and give Bylsma last change at the TD Garden just to see if Bylsma will continue having no answers for what the Bruins are doing to the Penguins.

The game is on at 8:00 tonight on NBCSN, RDS, and CBC. Expect Doc and Pierre to continue to call this series.

Prediction: I think this one will be close. A 5-4 Boston win puts them up 3-0 in the series.