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This Day belongs to Thor, but You Can Have an Open Thread if you Want

Harry How

You know it's almost fitting that we never really changed Thursday off of being named after a god that nobody really worships. It's kind of a forgotten day in the week. It's not cool enough to get a great name like Hump Day and it's really just a time-waster until you get to Friday. Thursday is a day to settle down and do some work so your end-of-week daydreaming tomorrow doesn't get you in trouble.

If they were to rename it for hockey's sake, Thursday should be GrindersDay. It's not celebrated, but it's appreciated.

Boy howdy are the Bruins handing the Penguins their own puckered cloacae or what? 215:20 of hockey played in that series and Pittsburgh has held a lead for exactly 00:00. The playoffs' most dynamic offense has managed two goals and is so far 0-for-12 on the power play. Chances are there for the Penguins, especially for Evgeni Malkin, who has 20 SOG through three games, but good work clearing rebounds and some pretty amazing saves by Tuukka Rask have him frustrated.

Somebody alert me when Crosby shows up though. Norris finalist Kris Letang? Hahahaha. The guy's been brutal so far.

Boston knows better than any team of recent memory how hard it is to get to win #4 though.

Out West, the Hawks look to put the Kings in some hot water, but they're going to have to beat Los Angeles at home to make that happen. They're also going to have to do so without Duncan Keith, who got suspended one whole game for recklessly (but intentionally) swinging his stick at Jeff Carter and making contact with the guy's face. Sure it was a retaliation because Carter was being mean to him, but man oh man was it a dirtbag play. The fact that it happened at the same time the NHLPA decided they would support the league grandfathering mandatory visors made it even more perfect.

LA will be without Mike Richards again, who according to the Gamecenter app on my phone was ruled out today. I'm not sure if the "Kings rule out Richards" pun was intentional, but I sure appreciated it.

Game starts at 9:00pm on NBCSN, RDS, CBC, and the Eye of Thundara's Sight Beyond Sight ability

Prediction: I'll eventually get one of these right, but I've been way off on how I've predicted the games would go. For this one, I'll say the Kings take a barn-burner 5-3 with the game-winner bringing people to question whether Emery should start game 5.